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The PRESSURE is coming. Is your athlete prepared?

Is your athlete prepared to handle pressure?

When the game is on line, it's a mistake to rely only on physical skills.

It's the ability to handle pressure that often decides the outcome.

I'm a 2x Olympian and Mental Toughness Coach and when I ask athletes what they do to handle pressure, here's what they say:

  • I try not to think about it

  • I hope for the best

  • I make sure no one is counting on me

  • I avoid eye contact so I don't have to step up

They are under-equipped.

The good news is handling pressure is a skill; a mental skill. Just like other skills associated with their sport, it's something they can improve.

Instead of avoiding, hoping, or hiding, build a Mental Toughness Toolkit.

It's time for your athlete to step up with confidence and courage.

Mental Toughness Master Class starts August 6 and we will tackle these problems:

  • Lack of confidence

  • Negative self-talk

  • Playing it safe

  • Not playing to their potential

  • Timid rather than aggressive

  • Nerves affecting performance

  • Worried about losing

  • Bothered by coaches that yell

  • Teammates and opponents get into their head

  • Giving up when things don't go their way

  • Hiding in big moments

  • Easily discouraged

  • Unable to take feedback

  • Feeling sorry for themselves



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