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Just like your local fitness center where you go to train your body, the Mind Gym is where you go to train your Mental Toughness.

  • Need expert help along the Mental Toughness journey?

  • ​Looking for a safe place to ask questions? 

  • Want tips and advice?

Look no further.  The Mind Gym is open.

Athletes are gathering in the Mind Gym, increasing their emotional intelligence and learning to manage the storms sport brings.  Most of the storms are emotional rather than physical, and they are figuring out what to do with how they feel.  They are learning to show up as their Greatest Self. 

Athletes ask me for help with things like this:

  • Can you give me some tips about how to prepare for big games?

  • How do I handle it when my coach constantly yells?

  • I played terrible yesterday, and I want some help so that doesn't happen again.

  • How do I get my parents to stop saying stupid things when they are in the stands watching me?

  • How do I handle my nerves when there are college coaches watching?

Parents and coaches are gathering in the Mind Gym, becoming wiser and better equipped to help their athletes fulfill their dreams and goals.  "When you know better, you do better."  They are understanding how to do better.

Parents ask me for help with things like this:

  • How do I handle the stress I feel when I'm watching my kid compete?

  • How do I help my kid get better when they are full of excuses and won't put in the effort?

  • What should I say to my kid when he isn't scoring/dominating like the coaches think he should and his confidence is dropping?

Coaches ask me for help with things like this:

  • What should I say to my team after a bad loss?

  • How do I motivate my team to play with more intensity?

  • How do I keep bench players and their parents happy?

  • How do I get my players to smarten up when they lack energy and effort during practices?


  • Membership is $24.99/month 

  • No contract

    • Cancel at any time with no penalty

    • Rejoin at any time

  • One monthly group Zoom call​

    • You bring problems, Shawnee brings  solutions​​​​​

  • During the call, Shawnee will

    • Answer live questions or you can send them in advance​ and she will answer them during the call

    • Provide live coaching and offer advice

    • Share Mental Toughness tips and strategies

  • Zoom calls are the last Sunday of each month at 5pm PST/8pm EST

    • Calls are recorded if you can't be there in person

  • Once you have signed up, check your email for details and access to the Mind Gym​