I help athletes make sense of what's going on in their head and heart, cut through the noise, and unleash their inner tiger.

And because it takes a village, I also work with their parents and coaches.


Show up with courage and confidence when it matters most.

Is this your athlete?

  • Lack of confidence

  • Overwhelmed with nerves

  • Full of negative self-talk

I help athletes build a toolkit so they understand what's going on in their head and heart, and what to do about it.

In other words, Mental Toughness is actually the incorrect phrase.

  • I don't teach them to be "tough"

  • don't teach them to "suck it up buttercup"

  • I don't teach them to "get out there and be confident"

I teach grit, resilience, and mistake response.  Even better, I teach courage.


These are the "tough" skills your athlete needs because most of the sport storms are emotional, not physical.

When your athletes toolkit is full of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, they learn to save themselves from the storm.  They know what to do with how they feel.

These are the soft skills that are really hard. And they aren't just sport skills; they are life skills.

I’m Shawnee Harle, and I have 27 years of elite coaching and leadership experience to help your athlete build confidence and courage.

It's time for them to stop playing it safe and start showing up as their Greatest Self.

Mental Toughness Services for
athletes, parents, and coaches.

Level 1


Grow your Mental Toughness with an online course. It's a toolkit to help manage your thoughts and increase your confidence.

Mind Gym Membership

It's a monthly membership that includes your immediate family.  Build your Mental Toughness tools and keep them sharp.

Level 2

Group Coaching

When was the last time you and your family signed up for something you can do together?  When was the last time ALL of you got coaching?

Fear to FIERCE is group coaching for athletes AND their family. 

Handle the storms and difficulties sport always brings. Once you are equipped to handle the storms, they aren't as disruptive.

Coming Soon

Level 3

Private Coaching

If you're SERIOUS about what you do, let's go!  Time to step up and raise your game. Time to grab that gold medal!

You get direct, personalized access to Shawnee whenever you need it.  And you can include your immediate family if you want to.

Bring on the heat!  It's time to slay the dragon.


“Extreme sports require a strong body and mental toughness. Although my physical game was on par, I lacked mental toughness. After one session with Shawnee, I qualified for my first World Championship, and recently won a bronze medal at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.  And I’m still in high school!”



“Shawnee's coaching helped me get a handle on what I'm thinking and feeling when I compete. I know what to do when I feel nervous; I am the boss of my thoughts rather than allowing them to boss me around.  I can focus on what's in my control and compete with confidence.”


Screenshot (38).png
Let’s talk about the 'F' Word:


Sport teaches us NOT to talk about FEELINGS, yet every time we step on the court, the ice, the field, the track, the pool, or the snow, FEELINGS are everywhere. 


Sport hits us right in the heart, and creates a bucket full of FEELINGS, many of them negative and uncomfortable. What should you do with this heavy bucket?

Make your 'F' bucket lighter.

Download 3 Steps to Mental Toughness based on my most popular course Fear to FIERCE