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Fear   to   FIERCE

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Mental Toughness Coaching
for athletes and their parents.
6 weeks is all it takes.

I help athletes of all ages gain a competitive edge,
get selected to their dream team, earn that scholarship,
and compete with COURAGE and CONFIDENCE when it matters most.  
And because it takes a village, I also work with their parents. 
And because coaches are an integral component, I also work with them.

Registration is open year round.
That means you get WHAT you WANT, WHEN you WANT it. 
Decide when you're ready to commit to 6 weeks that will change your destiny FOREVER.

The moment you click REGISTER, your journey will begin.
Let's start building your Mental Toughness Toolkit.


Prices will be going up in 2022!

It takes courageous action.

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In Just 6 Weeks Your Athlete Will Shift From
Doubtful to Deliberate
Fuming to Feisty
Downcast to Decisive
Timid to Tenacious

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Let me help you shine a light on the better one.



You want to be selected to your dream team, you want to be noticed by scouts and earn a scholarship, you want to confidently step into the competitive arena, kick butt, and take no prisoners!

To honour your goals, you have done more training, signed up for extra skill development, improved your strength and fitness, and spent time reviewing video.  

But you can feel deep inside that something is missing.

You’re holding back and playing it safe.  In big moments you hide rather than shine.  You aren’t taking risks and trying new things.  You feel nervous and anxious.  You worry that someone else will be selected instead of you, someone else will get that scholarship, and you continue to under-perform.



You feel everything your athlete feels.  You're right there with them as they journey toward their goal.  They dream about it and so do you.

To help them achieve their goal, you have done more; signed them up for more sessions, driven them all over creation to more practices, hired an expert coach to give them more skills, and sat in the stands (even when it’s hot, cold, rainy, sunny, exciting, boring) to give them more support.

But you can feel deep inside that your athlete is missing something.

You are frustrated with their progress.  They don’t listen to your advice.  They block you out in the car ride home. Conversations often end up in arguments.  And sometimes you feel like giving up. 


I understand this dilemma.

As an elite athlete, I thought the answer was more; more training, more practicing, more skill sessions, and more workouts.  Anything to overcome the fear of being left behind.

But no matter how hard I chased my dreams, I could never run away from the fear that follows and finds you.


Fear that I wasn’t good enough, fear that others would pass me, fear that I would be over-looked by coaches, evaluators, and recruiters

That fear always caused me to under-perform.

As an elite coach, I've watched school, college, National, and Olympic athletes, do more than was required; and it still wasn't enough.

It’s allowed me to see that athletes and parents aren’t just looking for help.  They are looking for the RIGHT help to solve the RIGHT problem.  They want to CRACK THE CODE.

Look, this isn’t just a game your athlete is playing; it’s much bigger and the stakes are high. You and your athlete have invested time, money, and sweat equity. 

But here’s the kicker; so has everyone else.   

Talent and physical ability soon level out.  The podium gets narrower, not wider, and many athletes get left behind. There simply aren’t enough scholarships for everyone, there simply isn’t room for everyone on the dream team.

Last time I checked, most athletes do extra skill sessions, put more time in the weight room, hire an expert skill coach, and watch video.  And their parents do more than is expected to support the journey.

So where will you and your athlete find an edge?


That's your edge.


I created Fear to FIERCE for athletes and parents, just like you.  

It's a proven method to gain a competitive advantage, without more physical skill development or fitness training.


In just 6 weeks, everything will change; not only on the court, rink, field, snow, or pool, but in your athlete’s head, and most importantly, their heart.  

Your athlete will learn to Win From Within.

I’m not a mindset coach.  I don’t teach visualization or goal setting, although I’m a fan of both.  

I do heart work.  Why heart work?  Because that’s where the truth is.  And the truth will set you free.

The truth is, Mental Toughness is NOT about getting rid of our negative feelings, our nerves, our stress, our fears.


When something matters to us, when it’s important, it’s normal to have these feelings. 

I believe in becoming prepared and equipped to manage the difficult thoughts and feelings that inevitably arise in the pursuit of goals and dreams. 


Tap into that better one with a journey of self-discovery.


When it's "go time" you can't hide from yourself.  


How can you expect to show up on the biggest stage, the biggest competition of your life, with everyone watching, unless you have done heart work?  


How can you expect to win on the court, rink, field, snow, or pool unless you know how to Win From Within? 

Heart work is simple but not easy.  It requires emotional intelligence and self-awareness; two things that sport NEVER talks about.   

This isn’t just a game.  It’s the game of life and we use sport as the context.  So go ahead and continue visualizing and setting goals. 

And if your athlete wants the best shot at standing on the podium, my coaching, where I tap into their heart, is your secret sauce.  My secret sauce is unlike anything you have ever tasted.  

The podium awaits. 

And if you're like me, you understand the most important podium is the Podium of Life.

Come along with me on a journey that will change your athlete's life (and yours) forever.

You can't hide, you can't fake it.

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Fear to FIERCE will show your athlete how to build a High Performance toolkit to handle the pressure of competition when it matters the most, so they confidently show up with courage and conviction.

A High Performance toolkit is as important for you as it is your athlete.  Now you have the right tools, to solve the right problems, and help your athlete shine on the BIGGEST stage, the BIGGEST competition, the BIGGEST day of their life.

You and your athlete will gain a competitive advantage:

  • Increase emotional intelligence and self-awareness

    • Manage thoughts, feelings, and emotions         

  • Improve confidence and courage

    • Take risks and get uncomfortable

  • Elevate grit and resilience

    • Bounce back quickly from mistakes and failures

In just 6 weeks, your athlete will shift from pretender to contender, from fear to FIERCE, and courageously pursue the goals they so intensely desire. 


They will know how to shift from their head to their heart and Win From Within.  


They will learn to save themselves from the storms that sport brings and manage the feelings and emotions that always emerge.

They will understand what is required when EVERYTHING depends on what they DO next:

  • The ball is in their hands and the game is on the line

  • They are preparing to take the winning penalty shot or kick

  • They are serving on match point against a strong opponent

  • It's their last run and they must score well to make the finals

  • They have a 4-foot putt to win the tournament

  • Scouts and recruiters are in the stands watching them


Can you imagine what your athlete would feel like to confidently show up when it matters most?  

And because parents feel everything their athlete feels, you will learn to manage the feelings and emotions that always emerge when you watch your athlete.  

You will understand what is required when EVERYTHING depends on what you SAY next:

  • You are in the stands, on the edge of your seat, during an important competition  

  • Your athlete didn't perform well, and you want to give advice

  • You are in the car on the way home, and your athlete is shutting you out

  • Your athlete is feeling the pressure and you don't know how to relieve it

  • You are worried about how your athlete will perform when scouts and recruiters are watching

Can you imagine what it would feel like watching your athlete step up and take charge when it matters most?

And don’t take my word for it.  Check out what others have said about my coaching:

Skills can be learned and sharpened.

Pencil Sharpener

Talent alone isn’t enough, wanting, dreaming, and hoping aren’t enough.  


I will show you and your athlete how to dig into your heart, face the truth, and use that truth as your Super Power.  

Your athlete's advantage will be heart work because their competitors will be spending more time working on their physical skills, their fitness, and watching more video.  Your athlete has already done that!  

As a parent, you have already done more than is required to support your athlete's journey.  Now it's time to leverage an advantage by doing heart work.

It's time to do it differently.


It's time to get real results, to solve the right problems, without having to spend more time on physical skills, fitness, and technical training. 

Isn’t it time to work smarter rather than harder?  Isn’t it time to listen to that voice, deep inside?  

When your heart speaks, it’s important to listen.



If there is no change, nothing changes.

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My secret sauce helps you and your athlete do things differently, and changes the trajectory of your journey forever:    

  • 6 weeks of Mental Toughness coaching

    • Courageously pursue your goals and dreams

    • Your training begins the moment you register

  • 6 group Zoom calls

    • A weekly, deep dive into Mental Toughness

    • Shawnee shares her secret sauce with individualized coaching

  • 1 private, introductory Zoom call

    • Help me understand your goals and dreams

    • ​Help me understand your challenges

  • Chat with Shawnee in the Slack app

    • ​There's a group for Parents

    • There's a group for Athletes

    • Personalized coaching from Shawnee

    • Get your questions answered

    • Get your problems solved

  • Access to Shawnee's online tutorial; Mental Toughness - How Champions are Built

    • ​Build your Mental Toughness Toolkit

    • Format for the tutorials is audio/video

    • Worksheets accompany each tutorial

      • They are short and to the point

It takes courageous action.

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If you and your athlete are willing to take courageous action, you are the right fit for Fear to FIERCE.  


If you and your athlete are willing to invest 1-2 hours/week over the next 6 weeks, you are the right fit:

  • Be an ACTIVE learner

    • Engage in the conversation in the Slack app

    • Engage in the weekly Zoom calls

    • Complete the online tutorial

  • Be courageous

  • Get uncomfortable

  • Stretch and grow



It’s time to take courageous action.



The moment you click Register, your life is going to change FOREVER. 
Let's start building your Mental Toughness Toolkit