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I help people make sense of what's going on in their head, cut through the noise, and unleash their inner tiger.

I increase their emotional intelligence, which allows them to show up with courage and confidence on the biggest day, the biggest stage of their life.  


For this to happen, we must do heart work.  Why heart work?  Because that's where the truth is; the truth will set you free. And the truth is, Mental Toughness is NOT about getting rid of our negative feelings.

Mental Toughness is about managing ALL thoughts, feelings and emotions.  They are called feelings because we are supposed to feel them.  What a concept! 


Once we have a toolkit to manage what's going on in our head AND our heart, we are equipped to face the storms that inevitably arise in the pursuit of goals and dreams.

I work with athletes from all ages and all sports, from novices to experts.  And because it takes a village, I also work with parents and coaches.

Check out my most popular program:  Fear to FIERCE 


And don't take my word for it:  Testimonials


Remember, Mental Toughness is not just for athletes. I work with leaders, managers, teachers, employees, students, and young adults to help them ignite the leader within.

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Mental Fitness Services

Level 1
Online Courses


Grow your Mental 
Fitness with online, self-directed courses; a toolkit to help manage your thoughts.

Level 2

Fear to FIERCE


Shawnee's Mental Fitness coaching for athlete and parents. Handle the storms sport brings.

Level 3

1:1 Coaching


Conversations with Shawnee to move the rocks in your way and shift from problem to solution. 

Level 4

Private Coaching


Shawnee is right alongside on your journey.  Step up to the podium and shift from good to great. 

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