Shawnee Harle stands in front of the olympic rings
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Shift from problem to solution.

Coaching helps all of us navigate this journey called life.  Allow me to come alongside and equip you with tools to steer through the sunshine and the storms.  The most important tool is self-awareness; it allows you to pay attention to what's going on with you, shift from problem to solution, and come out as the best version of yourself.  Come along with me and take a walk inside and awaken.

Shawnee Harle from Winning Matters holds two FIBA balls at the Olympics in Rio


The art is harder than the science.

Coaching is rewarding yet challenging, and it can feel overwhelming to know all there is to know about being a high performing coach. The science is easier than the art, and the difficulty of the art is what separates good from great. I coach coaches from all sports. Allow me to journey along side and shift you from good to great.

Winning Matters strikes a match


Ignite the leader within.

There is a leader within, ready to ignite and it takes self-awareness and emotional intelligence to light the match.  Once you shift to conscious competence, the world around you will never look the same.  More importantly, your world within will be changed forever. 

Come along with me on a journey, a walk inside, to awaken your soul.

Winning Matters guides toward success


Success is not an accident.

Leaders must have a vision but to transform from good to great, they also need wisdom and insight.  Wise, insightful leaders will not only maximize business potential, but in the process, elevate their team above the competition.

Shawnee Harle speaking on Mental Toughness


Inspired.  Committed.  Changed.

Are you looking for more than a motivation speech?  Are you ready for a message that will not only move your audience, but change them?