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It's time for
an advantage.

Virtual learning for athletes, coaches, parents.

If you are looking for things like goal setting, visualization, or pre-competition preparation, you won't find it here.

If you are looking to equip your team with Mental Toughness tools to help them step into their Greatest Self, you are in the right place.  If you are looking to fill your athletes with confidence and courage, that's my specialty.

The truth is, sport is full of storms and most of these storms are emotional, not physical. I can help your athletes, your coaches, your parents, prepare for the storm.

For Your Team

Workshops are tailored to your team.  They are interactive and include a detailed eBook to help apply the Mental Toughness concepts. 

Cost for non-profit groups:

  • One workshop = $497 

  • Bundle of three workshops = $1247

  • Contact Shawnee to schedule your workshop or ask questions 

Workshop Options
Tame Your Feelings
Jump Out of the Dryer
For Your Club/Association

How about equipping your entire club/association with Mental Toughness Tools?

You can schedule a workshop for ALL athletes in your club/association.


You can also schedule a workshop for ALL parents/coaches in your club/association.

Cost for non-profit groups:

  • One workshop = $1997

  • Bundle of three workshops = $4997

  • Contact Shawnee to schedule your workshop or ask questions 

Don't love the idea of a workshop but still want Mental Toughness tools for your members?

Check this out:  Mental Toughness Toolkit

Workshops for Parents/Coaches
grow courageous athletes
Boss of Your Thoughts

For Your Season


Does your team need a
Mental Toughness Coach?


I work with teams throughout their competitive season.  Mental Toughness Training is integrated as part of the daily training environment. 


Mental Toughness is one of the 4 Pillars of High Performance and often the least utilized. Coaches tend to focus on skills/drills/tactics, dryland training, maybe some goal setting and visualization, with a few team building activities thrown in. Nothing wrong with that BUT you are missing an important advantage that's available to ALL your athletes.

The longer an athlete competes, physical skills and athletic ability soon level out. Forward-thinking coaches will tap into the one advantage that can be elevated and enhanced in ALL athletes, regardless of skill or talent; Mental Toughness. It's a sports skill AND a life skill.

Let's go!  Contact Shawnee to get started.

For Your Team
For Your Club/Association
For Your Season
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