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Success is NOT an accident. STOP wishing, START planning.

Poster of why you should set goals.
Start Planning

Does your athlete have a plan or do they simply hope for the best?

What are they doing in the off-season? What are they doing in-season? What's their competition plan? What's their plan for getting through roadblocks?

I'm a 2x Olympian and Mental Toughness Coach and the first two questions I ask my clients are:

  • What's your dream goal?

  • What's your plan to achieve it?


They always answer the first question, yet it's the second one that's most important!

Success is hard, winning is hard, being great is hard.

High Performers understand this and that's why they have a plan.

  • They write it down, in detail.

  • They make commitments.

  • They have someone keep them accountable.


Success isn't an accident and neither is lack of success.

Get your athlete to STOP wishing and START planning.

And if they need some help with that, click the button below and check out Training Tips. You will find Ebooks with example plans from High Performance Athletes.




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