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STOP Listening to Sheep

"You will never be criticized by someone doing more than you. You will only be criticized by someone doing less."

Maybe, maybe not. Haters hate; on everyone.

I'm a 2x Olympian and Mental Toughness Coach and many athletes (and parents) come to me for help.

They are losing sleep.

FOPO (Fear Of People's Opinions) keeps them awake at night.

It's time to stop losing sleep.

Handle your FOPO:

  1. HAVE AN OPINION ABOUT THE OPINION. It's just an opinion. What if their opinion is wrong? Remember, the most important opinion is yours.

  2. STOP LISTENING TO SHEEP. What's the resume of the people with the opinion? None of them have been on Oprah. How much do sheep really know?!

  3. SHARPEN YOUR CLAWS. How would you show up if you weren't afraid of their opinion? My guess is, you would show up like a lion!

Ready to become a lion? Let's go!

Mental Toughness Toolkit is waiting for you.


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