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Listening vs Talking

Is there a difference between LISTENING to yourself and TALKING to yourself?

I think so. Let me explain.

Have you noticed when you listen to yourself, it's often the voice of self-doubt that speaks?

It's that timid voice that makes you play small.

It's the negative voice that puts yourself down and fills you with uncertainty, nervousness, even fear.

Instead of LISTENING to yourself, try TALKING to yourself.

Here's an example: I was playing a very competitive game of pickle ball the other day and I started listening to my thoughts: "Run faster! Why didn't you get that point? Serve deeper! Stop hitting the ball into the net. Smarten up!"

The narrative went on and on. Finally, I got tired of listening to myself and instead, I started talking to myself.

Here's what I said: "SHAWNEE, SHUT THE F-UCK UP!!! Trust what you know. Be here. Be present."

Once I told myself to shut the F up, it felt quieter in my head.

On top of that, I started talking to myself, "Be aggressive. Keep taking risks. Serve deep to the back hand side."

When I stopped LISTENING and started TALKING to myself, it was a game changer. And you don’t have to use the F word if you don’t want to.

Sport is full of storms and most of them are emotional, not physical.

I'm a Mental Toughness Coach and I can help with that voice of self doubt and teach you what to do with all those negative thoughts.

Contact me and let's get started!


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