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WAIT: What Am I Thinking? Thoughts are NOT free.

Are thoughts running around in your head like unsupervised children on a playground; hitting each other, teasing each other, falling off the monkey bars?

I'm a 2x Olympian and Mental Toughness Coach and when I listen to athletes, their thoughts boss them around. "I suck." "This is too hard." "Coach has favourites." "Nobody passes to me." "This isn't fair." "My parents are so annoying." "This drill is stupid." "I'm a bad shooter."

You get the idea. When your thoughts are unsupervised, the result is actions that take you AWAY from your Greatest Self:

  • If you think you suck, you will be ok with sitting on the bench.

  • If you think something is too hard, you will avoid it.

  • If you think coach has favourites, you will act like you're hard done by.

  • If you think nobody passes to you, your effort will decrease.

  • If you think sport isn't fair, you will give up easily.

  • If you think your parents are annoying, you will shut them out.

  • If you think the drill is stupid, you will disengage.

  • If you think you are bad shooter, you will stop shooting.


It's time to become the Boss of Your Thoughts.

Try this formula:

  1. Use the acronym WAIT; What Am I Thinking? Take a moment to wait, pause, take a breath, and then think about what you are thinking about. You will likely notice a steady stream of negative, unsupervised thoughts that make you feel weak and demotivated.

  2. Next, try shifting your thoughts. Take a moment to consider what thoughts make you feel strong, upbeat, and optimistic. Focus on those thoughts.

  3. Lastly, choose to take action. Take a moment and decide to choose actions that take you TOWARD your Greatest Self:

  • Work on your skills so you spend less time on the bench.

  • Face the hard thing and do it anyway.

  • Be proud of yourself rather than waiting for your coach's approval.

  • If nobody passes to you, get a steal or a rebound.

  • Accept that sport (and life) aren't fair and give your best anyway.

  • Forgive your parents for being imperfect.

  • Kick ass in every drill, even the ones you think are stupid.

  • Keep shooting.

CHANGE DOESN'T TAKE TIME. IT TAKE COURAGEOUS ACTION. Step up and put on your BOSS pants! That's what your Greatest Self would do. Want some help with that? Tiger Den is full of Mental Toughness videos, including Boss of Your Thoughts.

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