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dragon breathing fire

Are you one of those SERIOUS athletes who dedicates hours upon hours practicing and training?  Are you one of those parents who's there, every step of the way?

Are you one of those SERIOUS athletes who dreams about making an All-Star or rep team, getting a scholarship, playing pro, or representing your country at the Olympics?  Are you one of those parents that completely invests in these dreams?

Well STOP DREAMING and start doing!  

I'm a specialist, an expert in helping SERIOUS athletes and their parents, realize their dreams.

​I can help you become your Greatest Self if you are willing to walk through the fire with me.

Bring on the heat!  Walk toward the flames rather than away, face the dragon rather than avoid it.  


I will teach you to unleash your inner tiger and tackle the dragon.  And not just tackle it, SLAY IT!

What's your dragon?

  • Lack of confidence?

  • Not playing to your potential?

  • Anxious about playing time?

  • Full of nerves before important games?

  • Bothered that others are getting ahead of you?

  • Concerned about your coach's opinion of you?

  • Worried about getting a scholarship?

Walk through the fire with me.  I guarantee you will come out the other side full of courage and confidence.  You will be ready to step into the arena as your Greatest Self.


It's a journey that will change your life forever.

PS:  I also do Private Coaching with coaches, parents, managers, leaders, teachers, CEO's, and young adults.  If you lead people, I can help you do it better.


Golfer on a putting green

"Shawnee has completely changed my mindset on the golf course. She has given me tools to use in competition to manage the nerves and emotions that come with playing at the highest level. I know I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance."


"Shawnee's coaching helped me get a handle on what I'm thinking and feeling when I compete. I know what to do when I feel nervous; I am the boss of my thoughts rather than allowing them to boss me around. I can focus on what's in my control and compete with confidence."


Freestyle skier doing a trick
Canada ski jumping logo

"What Shawnee has done for my daughter has been outstanding! My daughter looks objectively at her behaviour and reactions. Shawnee has brought out the high performance attitude that my daughter needed to compete on the biggest stage at the World Cup and the Beijing Olympics."


"Shawnee is a gift to the athletes, parents, and communities she works with.  If you want to improve your game, her invitation is waiting for you. She’s inspiring, brilliant, and extremely supportive. She is not only helping my sons achieve their goals, she is supporting me in being a better parent as I guide my high level athletes."


Basketball-Mom logo


Why do you need this program?

  • Help your athlete(s) realize their dreams, achieve their goals

  • Give them a competitive edge

  • Grow courage and confidence

  • Increase grit and resilience

  • Figure out what to do with thoughts, feelings, emotions

  • Solve the RIGHT problems

  • Your athlete can speak directly to Shawnee

    • They speak the truth when their parents aren't listening 

  • Parents have confidential access to speak to Shawnee about their athlete(s)


What are the benefits?

  • Once your athlete understands their dragon, they will see how to slay it

  • Results happen immediately

  • They will start taking charge 

  • They will start taking risks and being creative

  • They will confidently pursue that team, that result, that scholarship they so deeply desire

What are the next steps?

  • This is an exclusive program and it's NOT for everyone

  • Let's chat and find out if we are the right fit for each other


How does the program work?

  • Choose 1 or 3 months of personalized coaching from a 2x Olympian

    • Includes parents​

  • Athlete and parents have unlimited access to Shawnee, 7 days a week

    • Text 

    • Email

    • Phone 

    • Zoom

  • $3447 CDN for 1 month

  • $6,447 CDN for 3 months

    • Payment plan available​

  • Add a 2nd athlete for 50% off

  • Mental Toughness Toolkit

    • Included​

dragon breathing fire

Ready to slay the dragon?
Ready to shift from good to great?

Let's go! 

Still have questions? Book a free call or email Shawnee today.

hockey players on the blue line

"Shawnee has helped me focus on what's in my control. Instead of worrying about scoring goals, I focus on what I can do, not the outcome. This made me a better goal scorer. After a big loss, Shawnee's tools help me get through it, so I'm ready to bounce back next time I'm on the ice."


"Shawnee taught me how to deal with my negative feelings, understand I can be brave and afraid at the same time, and how to deal with pressure.  She also helped me understand the difference between goals and values and why it matters."


volleyball player
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