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The Podium Awaits​

I help athletes make sense of what's going on in their heads, cut through the noise, and unleash their inner tiger.

Increasing emotional intelligence helps you build a toolkit to show up with courage and confidence when it matters most. 

For this to happen, we must do heart work. Why? Because that's where the truth is, and the truth will set you free.  The truth is, Mental Toughness is NOT about getting rid of our negative feelings. Mental Toughness is about managing ALL thoughts, feelings and emotions. They are called feelings because we are supposed to feel them.  What a concept!


Building a toolkit helps manage what's going on in your head AND heart. It equips you to face and handle the storms that inevitably arise in the pursuit of your goals and dreams.

I work with athletes of all ages and sports, from novices to experts. And because it takes a village, I also work with parents, coaches, and leaders.

2x Olympian

Coach for Canada Basketball

30 Years

Elite Coaching and Leadership Experience

20 Years

University Basketball Head Coach in Canada

I work with athletes, parents, and coaches, as well as managers and leaders from all walks of life.

I help people shift from good to great and become the best version of themselves. I teach them how to Win From Within, so they show up with courage and confidence on the biggest day, the biggest stage of their life.


More Fun FACTS

  • Assistant Coach for the Canadian Women's National Basketball Team for 8 years

  • Head Coach, University Basketball for 20 years

  • Master’s Degree in Coaching Studies 

  • One of the most highly certified coaches in Canada

    • Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC) with the Coaching Association of Canada​

  • NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) Certified Level 5 

    • Advanced Coaching Diploma​

    • Master Coach Developer

    • Master Coach Evaluator

    • Master Learning Facilitator 

  • I train and mentor both advanced and novice coaches from all sports

  • While completing my B.Ed. degree, ​I won 2 National Championships as a point guard 

    • Let's be honest: I sat on the bench for 3 years​ as a member of the most successful university women's basketball team in Canada at the time

  • I played almost every team sport in high school at a very competitive level

  • I'm a sport fan and expert arm chair coach

  • I enjoy wake surfing, golf, pickleball, hiking, and backpacking

Back in the Day

  • I circumnavigated much of South Africa, hitchhiking over 6,000 km ​with my brother

  • I spent 22 hours stuck on a mountain ledge and was eventually rescued by helicopter



Because winning matters in sport and business, I'm a corporate coach, leadership coach, life coach, and motivational speaker.


My experience inside the elite world of sport transfers directly to the boardroom, where success is talent-oriented and people-driven. After taking my sessions, teams and leaders are raising the bar: Build a Winning Team, Transform Managers to Leaders, and Ignite the Leader Within.

Do you work within an organization that could benefit with insight on how to raise the bar?

Mental Toughness Coaching for
athletes, parents, and coaches.

Level 1

Mental Toughness

A collection of videos that will help you build a toolkit. It's time to manage the storms and show up with courage and confidence.

Level 2
Mental Toughness

High Performance workshops for your
entire team. Tap into
the Mental Toughness advantage. It's a 
game changer,
a life changer.

Level 3

Private Coaching

It's time to slay the dragon and Shawnee is right alongside on your journey. It's time to shift from good to great, it's time walk through the fire and face your fears.

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