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It's time to tell the voice of self-doubt to SHUT UP!

There's a BIG difference between listening to yourself and talking to yourself.

What do I mean by that?

Well, have you ever noticed what you hear when you listen to yourself?

I'm a 2x Olympian and Mental Toughness Coach and when I ask my clients this question, here's what they say:

  • "I suck."

  • "This sucks."

  • "I hope I don't mess up."

  • "I'm worried/nervous about..."

You get the idea. The voice of self-doubt always wants to speak, and will gladly take the microphone.

Try talking to yourself instead. Tell yourself things like:

  • "I've been practicing hard and I feel prepared."

  • "I'm ready to face this challenge head on."

  • "It's ok to feel nervous. Everyone feels like that."

  • "I'm going all in. After that, the chips will fall where they may."

You get the idea. Give the microphone to the voice of courage. It will speak if you teach it to have a voice. It will speak if you give it a chance.

Check out this 2 minute video for more details. Heads up: it contains a small F Word.

If you need some help with the voice of courage and other Mental Toughness tips, check out these free videos. And there are some paid, budget friendly ones too.



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