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I'm TIRED of Goals

  • "3-1. So incredibly proud of this team."

  • "Team went a dismal 3-5 this weekend."

  • "Gotta brag on my kid. 3 goals today."

  • "Lost by 4. Not the result we wanted."

I'm a 2x Olympian and Mental Toughness Coach and I find it mind boggling that we can't figure out why pressure, stress, worry, are at an all time high with our athletes.

Goals vs Values. Goals are what we do, values are who we are.

How come I never see social media posts that highlight kids/athletes showing up with their values?

Do athletes even know what that word means?

Have coaches/parents forgotten what it means?

Have we all forgotten why values matter?

This short video will help. Goals vs Values, Part 1:


  • Winning, losing, stats, awards, trophies, scholarships, playing time, recognition, highlight reels, All-Star teams.


  • Courage, mistake response, coachability, teammwork, taking risks, willingness to try hard things, resilience, growth mindset.

When I ask parents/coaches, "What's your WHY?"

  • Why did you put your kid in sport in the first place?

  • Why did you decide to coach in the first place?

Their answers always include values.

If you value values, why aren't you measuring and rewarding them?

This even shorter video will also help. Goals vs Values, Part 2:


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