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Hissy-fits: Follow-Up

The other day I posted about hissy-fits. If you want a refresher, go here. I'm a Mental Toughness Coach and athletes tell me their coaches and parents often have hissy-fits about mistakes. Athletes then react by playing it safe and avoiding hard things.

Makes sense: Better to play it safe than having to endure an adult having a hissy-fit.

So here's my question: WHY do you react negatively when your kids/athletes make mistakes?

You don't change your behaviour by addressing the behaviour. You must go underneath and look at what's driving your behaviour, what's causing it. What's causing you to have these hissy-fits? 1) Are mistakes normal or unusual? If they are normal, why are you upset? 2) Is your kid/athlete making mistakes on purpose? If the mistakes aren't on purpose, why are you blaming them? 3) Will your kid/athlete grow by making mistakes or continuing to do things they are already good at? If growth requires mistakes, why are you yelling at them? 4) Your kid/athlete feels worse than you do when they make a mistake. Why are you putting it in their face with your hissy fit?


I'm an expert in helping parents and coaches manage their hissy-fits. I'm an expert in helping them dig down and find out why their emotions often get the best of them.

One hour is all it takes for me to help you start showing up as the best version of yourself.


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