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Athletes are Not Anonymous

Have you noticed that many Facebook groups now allow people to post anonymously? I read a post the other day and it was a mom, writing about her kid playing sports. Said she wanted to do it anonymously because she was worried about the fallout if others in the group knew the post was from her. So, imagine how our athletes feel. There is NO place for them hide. Every move they make is judged or glorified. Their parents post videos, pictures and comments all over social media. So do their coaches. Pretty sure nobody asks their permission to do so.

ATHLETES CAN NEVER BE ANONYMOUS. They don't have that luxury. Remember that next time you state your negative opinions or decide to share a story about them for the world to hear. Remember that next time you glorify them on social media without their permission.

I'm a Mental Toughness Coach and athletes are carrying a load unlike anything you or I have ever faced. Are you providing a safe place to land?


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