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Mistakes are Normal

Why do:

  • Athletes fear mistakes?

  • Coaches have hissy-fits when their athletes make mistakes?

  • Parents roll their eyes when their kid makes a mistake?

Last time I checked, ALL ATHLETES make mistakes, even the pros.

I'm a Mental Toughness Coach and I help athletes handle mistakes. I asked athletes about mistakes and what would happen if:

  • Coaches stopped having hissy-fits

  • Parents stopped rolling their eyes

  • They stopped getting punished for mistakes

  • They were rewarded for having the courage to make mistakes

Guess what the athletes said?

"I wouldn't be so afraid of making mistakes." "It would be easier for me to be creative." "I would take more risks." Mistakes are normal. Mistakes are part of growth. Mistakes are necessary for us to show up as our Greatest Self.

I can help your athlete respond to mistakes, even when the coach is having a hissy-fit and parents are rolling their eyes. I will teach them to respond, rather than react. I will teach them to get unsafe, stretch themselves, and have the courage to step up when the game is on the line. Contact me and let's get started.


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