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Grit vs Grind

What's the difference between Grit and Grind?

According to Dr. Brene Brown, grit is internally focused while grind is externally focused.

In other words, grit is about me (my grit), grind is about others (what do they think of me?).

I'm a Mental Toughness Coach and I'm working with an athlete who spends A LOT of extra time working on their game and getting into the weight room.

Nothing wrong with that. But after discussing Grit/Grind, I was curious to see if they could see the difference.

I asked, "Are you doing all this extra work because you want to (for you) or because you're afraid not to (for others)?"

The response was, "I'm afraid not to. I'm grinding to gain the approval of my parents, coaches and teammates."



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