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Anger: Good or Bad?

What's the difference between good anger and bad anger?

Most athletes tell me, "My coaches and my parents say I'm not supposed to get mad."

Well that's impossible. Sport can be maddening!!

How about paying attention to whether your anger helps or hurts your performance?

If you pout, have a hissy fit, blame others, or throw stuff, that's bad anger; you usually stay mad and play worse.

But what if your anger could pump you up and motivate you?

What if your anger could make you play better?

My clients are practicing good anger and they say something like this when they get mad, "That's it! I've had it! LFG!", and they STOP pouting and blaming, and START giving themselves a kick in the pants and taking action!

In other words, they don't stay mad.

Anger is normal. Mental Toughness is what you do with that anger.

Channel it to improve your performance.



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