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4 Traits of High Performers

As a Mental Toughness Coach, I've worked with hundreds of athletes, from youth to Olympians.

High Performers are that way for a reason.

1) They understand mistakes are normal. Not only that, they know mistakes are necessary; growth requires it. Without mistakes, they are playing it safe, doing things they are already good at. Safe doesn't get them to the top of the podium.

2) When things don't go well, instead of negative self-talk, they become curious. What did that failure show me? What did I learn from that mistake? How can I get better? Judgement doesn't get them to the top of the podium.

3) When failure hits, which it always does, they take it in stride. They don't take it personally. "I failed," is different than, "I'm a failure." "I made a mistake," is different than, "I'm a mistake." Bouncing back gets them to the top of the podium.

4) They stay hungry. The desire to improve, to pursue excellence is always there. They know there are no free rides. They are willing to put in the work. They know it's easy to pass lazy people. This focus gets them to the top of the podium.

When your athlete is ready, I will be here to equip them with a Mental Toughness Toolkit. Contact me and let's get started:


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