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Winning Matters helps corporations find success


Success isn't an accident.

Is your business over managed and under led?  Are your managers great people but not yet great leaders?  Does your team need a solid culture on which to build their vision of excellence?


Leaders must have a vision and to transform from good to great, they also need wisdom and insight.  Wise, insightful leaders will not only maximize business potential, but in the process, elevate their team above the competition. 



Corporate Coaching: About Me
Shawnee Harle can enhance everything about your workplace


Managers light a fire under people; leaders light a fire in people.

Transform Managers to Leaders is an intense, insightful, two day training program designed to equip managers with the tools to move themselves and others to action.  A hammer does not always provide the best results, particularly when a screwdriver is needed, and the reverse is also true. Therefore, managers need a toolkit, with a variety of tools, and the awareness to choose the right one for the task at hand.

Transform managers to leaders using the Leadership Ladder:

  • Lead Yourself; bring your Best Self

  • Lead Others; build relationships

  • Learn to Follow; empower others to lead


To build a highly functioning team, leaders must first lead themselves:

  • Grow your self-awareness and tune in to your strengths and weaknesses

  • Build your emotional intelligence by "thinking about what you are thinking about"

  • Understand your Communication Style, Personality Style and Learning Style

  • Recognize how your styles affect your leadership

  • Embrace the difference between strength and power

  • Build a skill set to bring your Best Self every day

  • Commit by moving your intention to actions

  • Follow through to reflect your integrity

Managers to Leaders
Shawnee Harle can enhance everything about your workplace


People are loyal to culture, not strategy.

Why do some teams excel while others seem stuck in the mud?  How does a great leader get all team members rowing in the same direction?  The foundation of a successful team is a winning culture.  Let me help you build yours.

A Winning Culture is not created by words posted on the wall or carried around on laminated cards.  A Winning Culture is the shared  attitudes,  actions, behaviours, and standards that characterize the people in an organization and define its nature.

Build a Winning Culture is an intense, insightful, one day workshop that builds not only your culture, but also your people.  A winning culture will dramatically transform them into a highly functioning team that is ready and able to Rise Above the Crowd.



A winning culture can increase employee commitment, productivity, pride, and ownership in the company.  It can also help identify, hire and retain the best people.



My training program builds your Winning Culture by identifying:

  • What are the pillars of a Winning Culture?

  • What does it mean when culture is accepted?

  • What does it mean when culture is built?

  • What attitudes, actions and behaviors build a culture?

  • What attitudes, actions and behaviors break a culture?

  • What does commitment look like?

  • What does accountability feel like?



  • Full day of team training

  • Small and large group work to focus productivity

  • Truthful, transparent discussion to obtain immediate results

  • Commitments and Accountability to apply your Winning Culture

Build a Winning Culture
Shawnee Harle helps leaders find progress


What gets measured, gets managed.

Are you looking for a tool to grow and assess your leaders?  My Leadership Scorecard measures key attributes based on your company's leadership profile.

Leaders grow best when their self-awareness increases.  Can your leaders accurately assess their strengths, weaknesses and blind spots?  Do they know what others think of their leadership skills (or lack of)?  Do your leaders know exactly what attributes are used to evaluate their success? 


Once completed, the scorecard provides a map for your leaders to arrive at their destination while providing the tools to manage the bumps and detours along the way.  It provides a clear path for self-improvement.

One day is all it takes for me to help you design and implement your Leadership Scorecard.

Leadership Scorecard
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