The Mind Gym is Always Open


The Mind Gym is where you keep your mental toughness strong.  You train here to sharpen your skills and stay in shape! 


Just like your local fitness center, the Mind Gym is full of like-minded people, all on a similar journey. 


Athletes are in here increasing their emotional intelligence and figuring out how to manage the storms sport brings.  Parents and coaches are in here becoming wiser and better equipped to help their athletes fulfill their dreams and goals.

Mind Gym Membership includes:

  • $199/month includes your immediate family

  • Unlimited coaching/advice in the group chat

    • Get your questions answered and your problems solved​​​

    • There's a group for Athletes and another for Parents/Coaches

  • A monthly group Zoom call

    • We tackle one Mental Toughness topic

    • We do live coaching and problem solving

    • Recorded if you can't be there in person

  • No contract which means you can come and go as you please