Fear   to   FIERCE

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Mental Toughness Coaching for athletes and their parents.

Take a Walk Inside and Awaken
Win From Within

Give me 3 months and your athlete (and you) will shift from:

  • Fear to FIERCE

  • Once this shift occurs, your world outside will never look the same

  • More importantly, your world within will be changed forever

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my athlete learn?

1) Emotional Intelligence: sport teaches us NOT to listen to our thoughts and feelings (except the good ones). But what should you do with the negative thoughts, the anxious and nervous feelings? What about the voice of self-doubt? I will help you build a Mental Toughness tool kit to manage ALL your thoughts and feelings. 2) Courage: It's the most important Mental Toughness tool and it's like a muscle; the more you use it, the bigger it gets. 3) Look for clues: If being an elite athlete was easy, everyone could do it! Your sport will provide challenges, obstacles, hurdles, failures, and disappointment. The good news is, you will learn to be a detective and find clues to help you solve your problems.

Are the Zoom calls mandatory?

You don't HAVE to attend all the Zoom sessions; you GET to! Nothing takes the place of being on the Zoom calls, in person. If you are ALL IN, you will be on the Zoom calls whenever you can. However, many athletes and their parents are in a time zome that's not conducive to joining the live call. On top of that, there's lots going on in your life so the video will always be posted in the Facebook group.

What is the role of the parent(s) in this program?

You want help your athlete achieve the scholarship, be selected for the elite team, and you are coaching them all the time; the car ride home, at the dinner table, shouting from the stands. Let me help you do it better! It takes a village to raise an elite athlete and the role of the parent is crucial during this program. I'm coaching parents as much as I'm coaching the athletes, so you need to be actively involved in the Zoom sessions, the Facebook group and the online tutorials.

What is the purpose of the Facebook groups?

The Facebook group is a support group full of your teammates. It's a safe space where we interact as a community of like-minded people, and authentically show up as ourselves, without judgement. We share victories and defeats, make commitments to our growth, and stay accountable to those commitments. Athletes have their own Facebook group and so do parents.

How do the online tutorials work?

All members of Fear to FIERCE receive free acces to my online tutorial called Mental Toughness - How Champions are Built. The format is audio/video with worksheets that accompany each lesson. The worksheets are short and to the point, and provide the foundation for our Zoom and Facebook chats.

Why should I register my athlete for this program?

NOBODY teaches Mental Toughness like I do. It's not just a sport skill, it's a life skill. I believe the relationship with yourself is the most important investment you will ever make. For your athlete to show up on the biggest stage, the biggest competition of their life, they MUST have already done a deep dive into their heart. The heart is where courage lies.

What makes this program one of a kind?

Give me 3 months and I will give your athlete the greatest gift of all; emotional intelligence. That gift is something none of us had until we became adults. Your elite athlete will not need to hire a life coach when they are in their 40's! I am the REAL DEAL. 3 months with me and your athlete will see the outside world with a new set of glasses, while their world within will be changed forever. They will take a walk inside and awaken. You will too!

What will the parent(s) learn?

You're a loving parent that wants to help your athlete get that scholarship, make that elite team. They dream about it and so do you. My guess is you so badly want to help, but don't know exactly what to do. You haven't been down this road before, and you aren't trained to teach a high performance mindset; I will show you how. You will build a tool kit that connects you to the heart of your athlete, improves the conversations in the car ride home, and relieves the frustration and tension that often escalates between parent and athlete.

How old does my athlete need to be to join the program?

I work with athletes from all sports from ages 10 and up. However, Facebook requires a minimum age of 13 in order to create an account, and the Facebook group for Fear to FIERCE is an important component of this program. It's where we learn and grow together. If you have a young athlete that doesn't fit the above criteria, I can easily accomodate them.

When are the Zoom calls and how long are they?

Group Zoom calls are scheduled every Sunday. The calls start at 5:30 pm PST and go for 45 minutes, with an optional extra 15 minutes of Q and A at the end. Private Zoom calls are scheduled at a date/time that suit you and your athlete.

When does the program start? When does it end? What's the time commitment?

The next Fear to FIERCE training begins January 1, 2022 and finishes on April 30, 2022. The time commitment is approximately 2-4 hours/month.

How can we commit when we have so many other things going on in our life?

The program is purposely designed to fit into your life, to fit into your schedule. I will show you how to integrate Mental Toughness into your daily routine without it feeling ardous or adding to an already full plate. The time commitment is only 2-4 hours/month.


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