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Fear   to   FIERCE

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Mental Toughness Coaching for athletes and their parents.

Win From Within
Take a walk inside and awaken.

In just 4 weeks, your athlete (and you) will shift from:

  • Overwhelmed and paralyzed by feelings to emotionally intelligent and courageous

  • Once this shift occurs, their world outside will never look the same

  • More importantly, their world within will be changed forever

  • When does the program start/end?  What's the time commitment?
    Fear to FIERCE is a 4 week program that begins on the first day of each month. You get access to Shawnee's coaching for that period of time. The time commitment is approximately 1-2 hours/week.
  • What will the parents learn?
    You will build a tool kit that connects you to the heart of your athlete, improves the conversations in the car ride home, and relieves the frustration and tension that often escalates between parent and athlete. I will be coaching you as much as I coach your athlete. So you need to do the same work your athlete is doing: - complete the tutorials - engage in the group conversations - show up for the Zoom calls
  • How do the online tutorials work?
    All members of Fear to FIERCE receive free access to my online tutorial Build Your Mental Toughness Toolkit. The format is audio/video with a detailed workbook to apply the concepts. We go through one lesson every week and these lessons form the foundation of the discussion in the Zoom calls.
  • What will my athlete learn?
    1) Emotional Intelligence: sport teaches us NOT to listen to our thoughts and feelings (except the good ones). But what should you do with the negative thoughts, the anxious and nervous feelings? What about the voice of self-doubt? I will help your athlete build a Mental Toughness tool kit to manage ALL of their thoughts and feelings. 2) Courage: It's the most important Mental Toughness tool and it's like a muscle; the more you use it, the bigger it gets. 3) Look for clues: If reaching our potential was easy, everyone could do it! Sport will provide challenges, obstacles, hurdles, failures, and disappointment. The good news is, your athlete will learn to be a detective and find clues to help solve their problems. 4) Best of all, your athlete will learn to save themselves from the storms that sport (and life) always brings.
  • What is the curriculum?
    BUILD YOUR MENTAL TOUGHNESS TOOLKIT Week 1 1) Tutorial - Chapter 1: Courage is a Choice - Choose courage and take risks 2) Zoom call on Sunday to debrief Chapter 1 and do live coaching/problem solving 3) Unlimited coaching throughout the week in the group chat Week 2 1) Tutorial - Chapter 2: Tame Your Feelings - Handle nerves and lack of confidence 2) Zoom call on Sunday to debrief Chapter 2 and do live coaching/problem solving 3) Unlimited coaching throughout the week in the group chat Week 3 1) Tutorial - Chapter 3: Jump Out of the Dryer - Solve problems by focusing on what's in your control 2) Zoom call on Sunday to debrief Chapter 3 and do live coaching/problem solving 3) Unlimited coaching throughout the week in the group chat Week 4 1) Summary 2) Zoom call on Sunday to tie it all together and do live coaching/problem solving 3) Unlimited coaching throughout the week in the group chat
  • When are the Zoom calls and how long are they?
    Group Zoom calls are scheduled every Sunday at 6:30 pm MST. It's where you get an up close and personal taste of my secrect sauce. We work through the tutorials, I do live coaching, I answer questions, I help you solve your problems. In other words, I give you the tools to change your life. I schedule 1.5 hours for each call. During the first 45 minutes, the focus is on the athletes. After that, athletes are free to leave the call while I turn my focus to the parents. All calls are recorded so if you can't be there in person, you can watch them at your convenience.
  • What makes this program one of a kind?
    NOBODY teaches Mental Toughness like I do. It's not just a sport skill, it's a life skill. I believe the relationship with yourself is the most important investment you will ever make. For your athlete to show up on the biggest stage, the biggest competition of their life, they MUST have done a deep dive into their heart. They will figure out what's going on their head AND their heart. I will give your athlete the greatest gift of all; emotional intelligence. That gift is something none of us had until we became adults. Your athlete will not need to hire a life coach or therapist when they are in their 40's:) They will see the outside world with a new set of glasses, while their world within will be changed forever. The heart is where courage lies. They will take a walk inside and awaken. You will too!
  • What is the purpose of the group chat?
    The group chat is a support group full of your teammates. It's the hub of our community and a safe space where we interact with like-minded people, and authentically show up as ourselves, without judgement. It's the place where you receive personalized coaching from Shawnee anytime you want and she shares her secret sauce to help you solve your problems. Athletes have their own group chat and so do Parents.
  • How old does my athlete need to be to join the program?
    I work with athletes from all sports from ages 10 and up. If your young athlete is "mature" for their age, they will defintely benefit. If they are "young" for their age, you may want to wait another year.

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