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YOUTH Mental Toughness Toolkit



What Will I Learn?

This videos series is for YOUTH ATHLETES from all sports. It's also for their parents and coaches. Message from Shawnee: If you think Mental Toughness is about "toughen up", DON'T BUY THIS. If you think Mental Toughness is about "suck it up buttercup", this ISN'T THE RIGHT FIT. If you want someone to say "just get out there and be confident", that's NOT ME. I teach grit, resilience, and mistake response. Even better, I teach courage. These are the "tough" skills your athlete needs to handle the storms. And most of the storms are emotional, not physical. When your athletes' toolkit is full of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, they learn to manage the storms. They know what to do with how they feel. They understand how to tap into the power of their mind. These are the soft skills that are hard. And they aren't just sport skills; they are life skills. Three concepts, 10 minutes each, in audio/video format. There's an eBook to summarize and apply the concepts: 1) Build Your Courage: stop being timid, start being brave. 2) Tame Your Feelings: stop pushing them away, start listening to them. 3) Solve Your Problems: stop complaining, start solving. PARENTS/COACHES this journey is for you too. These workshops are built through the eyes of your YOUTH ATHLETE and it takes you through their journey. The goal is to help you see what's going on in their head and heart, and the impact your words and actions have on their performance. Mental Toughness is an advantage. It's time for your athlete to step into their GREATEST SELF. You too. Let's go! Your purchase gives you life-time access. Bam!

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