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Mental Toughness Toolkit



What Will I Learn?

My most comprehensive video series for athletes from all sports. It's also for their parents and coaches. You know what really sucks? Losing. You know what feels even worse? Choking, under-performing, losing when you shouldn't Your athlete wants to be confident, they want to step up when the game is on the line, they want to try new things, and take risks. But fear holds them back; fear of the thunder and lightning. Sport is a series of storms and most of them are emotional. They don’t know what to do with how they feel. They get overwhelmed and swept away by the storm that’s raging within. This toolkit will equip your athlete to handle the storms. - 3 workshops, 15 minutes each, audio/video format. - eBook to summarize/apply the concepts. - eBook for athletes and another for parents/coaches. ATHLETES, it's time to: - STOP playing it safe, START going for it. - STOP hiding, START stepping up. - STOP being timid, START being brave. It's time to step into your Greatest Self so you are prepared for the biggest day, the biggest stage of your life. PARENTS/COACHES how AWESOME would it feel to: - STOP arguing with your athlete, START conversing. - STOP lecturing in the car ride home, START asking great questions. - STOP giving advice that doesn't make a difference, START using words that impact performance. These workshops are built through the eyes of the athlete and it takes you through their journey. The goal is to help you see what's going on in their head and heart, and the impact your words and actions have on their performance. The podium awaits. The most important podium is the Podium of Life. This course is a journey, an inner exploration that will change your athletes' life (and yours) forever. Your purchase gives you life-time access. Bam!

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