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ATHLETE: Mental Toughness Toolkit



What Will I Learn?

MY MOST DETAILED AND COMPREHENSIVE VIDEO SERIES FOR ATHLETES. Three workshops to fill up your Mental Toughness toolkit! Each workshop is 15 minutes and the format is audio/video with an eBook to summarize and apply the concepts. It's everything you need for your Greatest Self to start showing up. Bam! It's time to build your toolkit. Let's go! How AWESOME would it feel to: - Increase your confidence - Decrease your nerves - Silence the voice of self-doubt - Understand your thoughts and feelings - Become courageous - Solve problems - Step up when everything is on the line It's time to STOP playing it safe and START releasing your inner tiger. This video series is for athletes of all ages, from all sports. Whether you are a novice or an expert, improving your Mental Toughness improves your performance. It's time to become your Greatest Self so you are prepared for the biggest day, the biggest stage of your life. The podium awaits. Build your toolkit so you can stand on that podium. This course is a journey, an inner exploration that will change your life forever. *Your purchase gives you access forever! Bam!

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