Shift From Good to Great

Coaching helps us navigate this difficult journey called sport.


Allow me to come alongside to help you and your family make sense of what's going on in their head and heart. I will equip all of you with a Mental Fitness Toolkit so you can manage the storms, the high and lows, the ups and downs that sport always brings.

The most important tools are self-awareness and emotional intelligence. These tools allow you to pay attention to the right things, shift from problem to solution, and emerge as the best version of yourself. 

Imagine what it would be like to have your own Mental Toughness Coach to serve your entire, immediate family for 4 weeks, with direct access anytime you need it.

Are you and your family ready to shift from good to great? Ready to Train Your Brain?

Let's go!

What? Why? Now What?

Your athlete is stuck in WHAT; the problem.

I will help them shift to WHY​​​.

Why does this shift matter? 


We don't change behaviour by addressing the behaviour.

We must go underneath and identify WHY the behaviour is happening.

Your athlete will see why they are underperforming,
why they are playing it safe.

They will understand why their thoughts feelings, and emotions are holding them hostage.

Then I help them shift to NOW WHAT; what to do next.

They will build a toolkit full of emotional intelligence to
free themselves from jail.

Results will happen immediately.  For the parents too.

Roller Hockey Players

"We were at wit's end because our son wasn't enjoying hockey. Shawnee gave him a toolkit and two days later, he played the best game of his life. He now uses his tools to respond rather than react. He's become more of a problem solver, less of a complainer."



Why do we need this program?

  • Grow courage and confidence

  • Increase grit and resilience

  • Figure out what to do with thoughts, feelings, emotions

  • Solve the RIGHT problems

  • Athletes can speak directly to Shawnee

    • They speak the truth when their parents aren't listening 

  • Parents have confidential access to speak to Shawnee about their athlete


How does the program work?

  • 4 weeks of personal, Mental Fitness Training for your entire, immediate family

  • 4 family Zoom calls

    • A weekly deep dive into Mental Toughness

  • 1 introductory Zoom call

  • Unlimited coaching and advice between calls via text and email

  • The whole family gets personalized coaching 

  • Online tutorial: Build a Mental Toughness Toolkit​


What is the investment?

  • 4 payments of $950 CAD

  • Includes ALL athletes and parents in your immediate family

What are the benefits?

  • Results happen immediately

  • Your athlete will start to take charge of their performance

  • Your athlete will start taking risks and being creative

  • Your athlete will actually start listening to you

  • Changing your athlete's life (and yours) is priceless​


"Shawnee has completely changed my mindset on the golf course. She has given me tools to use in competition to manage the nerves and emotions that come with playing at the highest level. I know I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance."



There are openings for only three families each month.

Are you ready to shift from good to great?


Let's go! 

Sport Family Coaching

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