Fear   to   FIERCE

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Mental Toughness Coaching
for athletes and their parents.

Change Doesn't Take Time

It takes courageous action.

Give me 3 months and your athlete will shift from:

  • Pretender to contender 

  • Uncertain to certain

  • Doubtful to decisive

  • Fretting to fiesty 

Parents of serious athletes hire me to give their athlete a competitive advantage, earn a scholarship, or be selected to the elite team they’ve always dreamed about.


This isn’t just a game your athlete is playing; it’s much bigger and the stakes are high. You and your athlete have invested time, money, and sweat equity.  But here’s the kicker; so has everyone else.   

Where will you and your athlete find an edge? Right here, with me; that’s your edge. 

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Give me 3 months and everything will change; not only on the court, rink, field, snow, or pool, but in your athlete’s head, and most importantly, their heart.  


When it's "go time" you can't hide from yourself.  How can you expect to show up on the biggest stage, the biggest competition of your life, with everyone watching, unless you know how to Win From Within?   

Come along with me on a journey that will change your athlete's life (and yours) forever. 

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  • 3 months of life-changing Mental Toughness coaching

  • 6 group Zoom calls 

  • 1 private, introductory Zoom call

  • Chat with Shawnee in the Facebook group

    • There's a group for Parents
    • There's a group for Athletes
  • Access to Shawnee's online tutorials

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How Much?

  • $500/month for 3 months

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  • Fear to FIERCE begins September 1 and finishes November 30


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