How Champions are Built

ATHLETES, let me to show you how to build your Mental Toughness muscles. Mental Toughness is a skill which means you can improve it.  Problems and setback are normal, so are fear, nerves and anxiety.  Mental Toughness helps you handle these feelings and shift from timid to brave, from worried about losing to focused on winning.  Mental Toughness is your secret sauce.

PARENTS/COACHES, let me show you how to build grit and resilience in your kids and athletes. Give them the tools to manage the storm and that sport (and life) always brings.  Let me help you see sport through the eyes of your kids and athletes. When you wear a better set of glasses, your vision improves. Let me help you reach them by tapping into their heart to truly understand what’s going on.

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Building Champions in Sport and Life

I help people take a walk inside and awaken.

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