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Would you like to perform better under pressure?  Do you want to know what to do about nerves, anxiety, lack of confidence, pressure and fear? What if I told you all these emotions are normal?  AND they are normal, because you care.  If you didn't care, you wouldn't feel negative emotions.  That means Mental Toughness is NOT about getting rid of those feelings; it's about managing them. 

Mental Toughness isn't magic; it's a skill. Whether you play soccer or volleyball, basketball or hockey, badminton or lacrosse, golf or tennis, snowboard or cross country ski, swim or run, you can train your brain. It doesn't matter if you are 10 years old or 85 years old, you can build your Mental Toughness muscles.

I've helped 10 year old hockey players and Olympic athletes face their fears, and bring their Best Self on the biggest stage, the biggest day of their life.  Are you ready to take the winning shot, be aggressive, take a risk, play to win rather than play not to lose? Sounds simple but it's not easy.


Whether your biggest stage is the hoop in your backyard or an Olympic event with the entire world watching, I will equip you with a Mental Toughness toolkit and the confidence to step up and save yourself from the voice of self-doubt.


Are your kids/athletes under-performing?  Are the conversations in the car ride home losing their impact? Are they tuning you out? Do your kids/athletes (and you) wilt when the pressure rises?

You want them to take risks and stretch themselves, yet they hide and play it safe. You know they can do better, yet their Best Self rarely appears. When the going gets tough, they go to their phone. Let me teach you the most important Mental Toughness skill; COURAGE and how to transfer it to your kids and athletes.  "When you know better, you do better." I will equip you with a toolkit so you can do better.


When was the last time you did anything like this as a family? Likely NEVER! One price covers the entire, immediate family. Come and join me so I can coach ALL of you and help EACH of you become the best version of yourself. The podium awaits.


  • 3 hours  

    • 1 hour each evening

    • Each session begins at 7:00 pm MST

  • 3 dates

    • TBA

  • 3 sessions

    • 1 topic each evening
    1. Hide Or Grow
      • Stop being comfortable, start getting uncomfortable

      • Try new things and take more risks

    2. Tame Your Feelings

      • Stop avoiding your feelings, start managing them

      • Thoughts and feelings contain wisdom

    3. Solve Your Problems

      • Stop whining about your mistakes, start solving the problem

      • Mistakes provide information​​

  • $249 covers the entire, immediate family

    • Canadian dollars; US customers get a break on the currency exchange​

    • Team rates are available; contact Shawnee for details


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Shawnee Harle and Winning Matters with Olympic rings


Mental Toughness Camp
Past Participants Speak Up


mom and coach

Shawnee's Mental Toughness Camp equips you with skills for sport and life. It's clear, concise, and powerful. She has given me a toolkit whether I'm coaching my team, parenting my kids, or overcoming obstacles in my own life. Her content should be required curriculum in all schools. It's life changing! about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Cassidy,15 yrs old
multi-sport athlete

I learned how to recognize my emotions and how to control them. I also learned how to better understand fear and anxiety in sport and how to overcome them. I learned I can be scared and brave at the same time. This helped me become more confident, take more risks, and improve as a player.

dad and teacher

Our kids are heavily invested in sport.  Our biggest worry was that we were putting too much pressure on them to succeed, and that our best intentions might result in them losing interest or burning out of their sport. The MT camp helped us better understand the role of the parent in the life of a young athlete, and resulted in better conversations and an improved relationship with our kids.

Jackson,13 yrs old
hockey player

I learned not to hide in the Zoo! This means I need to be willing to take risks and try new things, even if I'm not good at them yet.

mom and coach

Shawnee's MT camp was a first and it provided a language and started a lot of conversations between me and my kids. It's become something we can refer back to and build on when any one of us realize we are being limited by our thinking. The visual images and some of Shawnee's catchy sayings are great. It was time well spent!

Kevin,10 yrs old
soccer player

Shawnee's camp helped me stop getting mad at myself when I make mistakes.


The camp gave me new tools. The old tools were definitely not working and my son was tuning me out. I stopped coaching him during the car ride home and started asking great questions that caused him to self-reflect. Our conversations improved because I became a better listener. My son now engages in conversation with me rather than his phone.

Adam,15 yrs old
scooter rider

I've never been able to do a tail-whip on my scooter until I took the Mental Toughness Camp. I enjoyed learning that instead of being sure I can't do something, I now enjoy the possibility that I can do hard things. I like thinking that way.

Cole,12 yrs old
cross-country skier

Finally someone told me that being nervous at a race is normal. I always tried not be nervous. Now I know it's ok to feel that way.



I have been struggling to figure out how to deliver a message to my kids in a way that isn't over the top.  I want them to listen better so they can take my advice and use it to help them achieve their goals.  Shawnee's MT Camp showed me that although my intentions were good, my delivery was terrible!!  Now I have a toolkit and so do my kids!  We are able to speak the same language, I know how to ask better questions, and understand when my own fears get in the way.  The MT Camp has changed me. Best of all, I'm now better at knowing when it's time to shut up, back off, and let them shine!  Thank you Shawnee!!

Daley,15 yrs old
multi-sport athlete

The best thing I learned at Shawnee's virtual Mental Toughness camp is how important MY opinion is about my skills. Don't give others more than 25% control over how I feel about myself.

Shawnee, MT coach
golfer, pickleball lover


Ok, so it might seem weird that I wrote and delivered the MT Camp, AND I'm doing a testimonial. Yet, it completely makes sense. How can I effectively teach this to others if I'm not using it? These MT tools help me when I'm standing over my golf ball; focus on the process, deal with the outcome. I'm responding rather than reacting to mistakes I make in pickleball. Mistakes provide information when I rationally pay attention. When I react emotionally, I'm whining and feeling sorry for myself. Reactions don't create great golf shots, nor do they help in pickleball. So watch out people! I'm getting really good at figuring out my mistakes and using that information to hit the next great shot! Bam!