Mental Toughness

High Fives

Championship Teams are Built with Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness is one of the 4 Pillars of High Performance and often the least utilized. Coaches focus on skills, drills and tactics (Technical/Tactical Pillar), dryland training (Physical Pillar), some goal setting and visualization (Mental Pillar), with a few team building activities thrown in (Social/Emotional Pillar).  In reality, the majority of the time is spent on
skills, drills and tactics to help your team win.

Nothing wrong with that BUT you are missing an important advantage.

We know the longer an athlete competes, physical skills and athletic ability soon level out. Forward-thinking coaches will tap into the one area that can be elevated and enhanced in ALL athletes, regardless of skill or talent; Mental Toughness. It's a sports skill AND a life skill.



Many coaches want to help their athletes with Mental Toughness but feel they don't have enough knowledge or experience to dive in. My Team Edition solves that problem; I deliver, direct, and guide the training. Bam!



The Team Edition consists of three webinars:

  1. Build Your Courage

    • It's like a muscle

  2. Tame Your Feelings

    • Face your fears

  3. Jump Out of the Dryer

    • Solve your problems



Webinars are delivered via Zoom:

  1. Dates/times that work for you and your team

  2. Detailed workbook for athletes and coaches to apply what they learn

  3. Q and A plus live coaching at the end of each webinar