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How Championship Teams are Built

Mental Toughness is one of the 4 Pillars of High Performance and often the least utilized. Most coaches focus on the Technical/Tactical pillar during games and practices, the Physical Pillar during dry land training, and the Social/Emotional Pillar with team building activities. We know the longer an athlete competes, physical skill and athletic ability soon level out. Forward thinking coaches will tap into the one area that can be elevated and enhanced in ALL athletes, regardless of physical or athletic ability; Mental Toughness. It's not only a sport skill; it's a life skill.



Many coaches feel they don't have enough knowledge or experience to dive into Mental Toughness with their team. My Team Edition is easy to follow; you take my content, my expertise and implement it with your athletes.



The Team Edition consists of three tutorials, in eBook format:

  1. Hide in the Zoo or Grow in the Jungle; choose courage

  2. Tame Your Feelings; face your fears

  3. Jump Out of the Dryer: solve your problems

Each tutorial comes with a detailed worksheet for your athletes to apply what they learn, and a specific worksheet for coaches.



There are two choices for delivery:

1. Coach Directed: The entire package is sent electronically to you, the coach. You follow the User Manual, step by step and distribute each tutorial, collect the worksheets, and choose an appropriate debrief from the User Manual after each tutorial.

2. Shawnee Directed: If you want to step it up, Shawnee is your User Manual. She will deliver, direct, and guide the entire course with Zoom sessions, as well as text and email support. Gotta love it!



It will take 6-8 weeks for your team to finish the course, including practice with the concepts. How quickly you progress is driven by you and your team. If you want to go wider and deeper with the content, choose the Shawnee Version to get your team on a Zoom coaching call after each lesson. Shawnee will coach all of you by filling in the gaps, connecting the dots, answering questions, and encouraging self-reflection.