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Mental Toughness
During Covid

No doubt about it; Covid has changed many things for many people. For athletes, parents and coaches, the "new normal" has felt anything but normal. 


With activity at a standstill, feelings of disappointment, sadness, frustration, and even anger, are at an all time high.


These feelings can lead to giving up, giving in, and inaction.

How do we handle this bucket of emotions? Who's deciding how we feel?  Can we choose to manage our emotions?


It's handy to have a Mental Toughness toolkit. We can use grit and resilience, and choose to focus on "what CAN I do" rather than staying stuck in "what CAN'T I do".

Check out this 10 minute video and see if you can apply the concept of Hope is a Choice.

People are saying...

Shawnee's Mental Toughness tools helped me get a handle on what I'm thinking and feeling. Now I know what to do when I feel nervous; I can focus on what's in my control and compete with confidence.

Teal, Olympic Freestyle Skier