Shawnee Harle from Winning Matters talks about her Olympic journey to Rio de Janeiro


The Podium Awaits

I am a two-time Olympian as the former Assistant Coach for the Canadian Women’s Basketball Team and one of the most highly certified coaches in Canada. With over 26 years of elite coaching and leadership experience, including the Olympic Games, World Championships, FIBA Americas and World University Games, my resume is deep and broad.


Other fun facts:

  • I have a Master’s Degree in Coaching Studies 

  • I'm a Master Coach Developer for the National Coaching Certification Program

  • I'm a Master Learning Facilitator for the National Coaching Certification Program

  • I train and mentor both advanced and novice coaches from all sports

I work with athletes, parents, and coaches, as well as managers and leaders from all walks of life. I help people shift from good to great, and become the best version of themselves.  I teach them how to Win From Within so they show up with courage and confidence on the biggest day, the biggest stage of their life.

Fear to FIERCE is my most popular Mental Toughness Training and it includes a variety of athletes, parents and coaches.  They are building a toolkit to manage the voice of self-doubt and face the storms that sport (and life) always bring.


Since winning matters not only in sport but also in business, I have become a sought-after corporate coach, leadership coach, life coach, and motivational speaker. My vast experience in the elite world of sport transfers directly to the boardroom where success is talent oriented and people driven. Teams and leaders are raising the bar after taking my sessions: Build a Winning Team, Transform Managers to Leaders, and Ignite the Leader Within.