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Three life-changing workshops.

*Workshops are recorded if you can't be there live.

$149 for all 3 sessions.

Includes your immediate family.

Coaches, this is for you too!  Wouldn't it be great to understand what's going on in the minds and hearts of your athletes?


brain lifting weights

3 Virtual Workshops

Mental Toughness Training
for youth to adult athletes.

Includes your immediate family because we ALL need Mental Toughness. 



Handle the storms sport always brings.


Change doesn't take time.
It takes courageous action.


If you want to be coached by a 2x Olympian, you’re in the right place. Sport brings the highest highs and the lowest lows. My specialty is helping athletes and their parents manage this roller coaster.


Is this your athlete?  If you are an adult athlete, is this you?

  • Lack of confidence

  • Negative self-talk

  • Playing it safe

  • Not playing to their potential 

  • Timid rather than aggressive

  • Nerves affecting performance

  • Worried about losing

  • Bothered by coaches that yell

  • Allowing teammates and opponents to get into their head

  • Giving up when things don't go their way

  • Hiding in big moments

  • Easily discouraged

  • Unable to take feedback

  • Feeling sorry for themselves 

I help athletes build a toolkit to solve these problems.  We dig down and get to the root of the problem by addressing thoughts and feelings that hold an athlete’s mind hostage, causing them to underperform. 


Sport is full of storms and most of those storms are emotional, not physical.  I help athletes figure out what to do with how they feel.


This program includes parents because they need Mental Toughness too!  You have a huge influence on your athlete's journey; your words and actions either help or hinder.  Wouldn't it be awesome to get some coaching so you could hinder less and help more?


It's time to stop being a hostage to emotional storms! 


It's time to get out of jail! 


Mental Toughness Training will help your athlete (and you) break free. 

How does it work?

  • Previous sessions have included athletes from 7 to 63 years old, and their parents 

    • When was the last time you did something like this as a family?!​

  • 3 awesome workshops delivered via Zoom

    • 1 hour each​ (descriptions are below)

    • Q/A and live coaching is included

    • Calls are recorded if you can't be there in person

  • Workbook is included to help apply the concepts

    • One for athletes, another for parents​

  • Cost is $149 CDN and that includes your immediate family​

Still have questions?  
Email Shawnee.

*More details, FAQ and Testimonials are below.  Keep reading:)

MTT Description

Mental Toughness Training helps athletes build a toolkit to make sense of what's going on in their head, and more importantly their heart.

I will give them a flashlight so they stop fumbling around in the dark.  They will become the boss of their thoughts, and develop emotional intelligence and self-awareness.  They will stop underperforming and start reaching their potential.

Results will be immediate.  

My daughter is already showing a difference in her mental game.  She did a jump serve and nailed it!  She's recovering instantly from mistakes and has a much better demeanor.  

- Jeanmaire, volleyball mom

I really liked "without fear, there can be no courage".  The best part was interacting with Shawnee.  It was nice being able to ask her questions and get advice. 

- Megan, volleyball athlete

I feel so grateful! It was just what my daughter needed. We saw a change immediately. It will take constant work, but now she has the Mental Toughness tools she needs to succeed.

- Gabby, hockey mom

I learned about FOPO (Fear of People's Opinions) and how it hinders my game.  Now I know how to name my feelings, and jump out of my comfort zone.

- Chloe, hockey athlete

Thank you so much for this! It opened up doors that I believe will not only help my son in sports but his LIFE!! So thank you so much as this opened his eyes to self evaluation. 

- Andrew, hockey dad

I learned how to be more aggressive.  I learned what was stopping me from being aggressive.  I liked being able to talk to Shawnee about the questions I have.

- Noah, hockey athlete



Why do we need this program?

  • Your athlete is stuck 

    • Not winning enough

    • Not scoring enough goals or points

    • Not getting enough playing time

    • Not in the Top 10

    • Not being noticed by scouts

    • The list is endless

  • This causes nerves and lack of confidence

    • Their thoughts/feelings hold them hostage​

  • This hostage situation causes underperforming​

    • They play it safe​

    • They aren't aggressive

    • They stop taking risks

    • They don't "go for it"

  • Parents try and fix the situation by giving advice, feedback, instructions​, pushing, lecturing

  • Your athlete resists your help

    • They block you out in the car ride home​

    • They give one word answers

    • Conversations end up in arguments


How does the program work?

  • Week 1: Grow Your Courage

    • It's time to stop relying on confidence and start growing your courage

    • It's time for your Greatest Self to start showing up

  • Week 2: Tame Your Feelings

    • It's time to stop avoiding your feelings and start facing them

    • It's time to grow your emotional intelligence to manage the storms

  • Week 3: Solve Your Problems

    • It's time to stop whining and complaining about your problems and start solving them​​​

    • It's time to get curious, not furious


  • Group Zoom calls are Sundays at 8:00pm EST/ 5:00pm PST

    • Recorded if you can't be there in person​​​​​

Still have questions?
Email Shawnee today.


What is my investment?

  • $149 ​​CDN

  • Includes ALL athletes and parents in your immediate family

Athlete Benefits

  • More courageous

  • More aggressive

  • Manage overwhelming thoughts and feelings 

  • Solve problems instead of whining and complaining about them

  • Tap into their potential and start showing up as their Greatest Self

Parent Benefits

  • Your athlete actually listening and engaging with you

  • Choosing the right words that make a difference to their performance

  • Helping your athlete reach their goals and strive for their dreams is priceless​



If there is no change, nothing changes.


My secret sauce helps you and your athlete do things differently,

and changes the trajectory of the journey forever.

Goldfish jumping

Change doesn't take time.

It takes courageous action.

Mental Toughness Training
is waiting for you!  Let's go!

Still have questions? Email Shawnee today.

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