Leadership Coaching

Ignite the Leader Within

There is a leader within, ready to ignite and it takes self-awareness and emotional intelligence to light the match.  Once you shift to conscious competence, the world around you will never look the same.  More importantly, your world within will be changed forever.  Come along with me on a journey, a walk inside, to awaken your soul.

Ignite the Leader Within is an in depth, four-month training program guaranteed to not only change your leadership but transform your life.  Leaders must have a vision but to transform from good to great, they also need wisdom and insight. Wise, insightful leaders will not only maximize potential, but in the process, elevate their team above the competition.

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Lead Yourself

To successfully lead others, you must first master the skill of leading yourself. When you lead yourself, you create willing followers that are ready to accept and embrace your leadership. My coaching revolves around the premise that leadership is influence and therefore, you must become a leader worth following. Leadership is a skill that can be trained, learned and sharpened but it is not for the faint of heart; if it was easy, everyone could do it. My model teaches that change is an “inside job” that begins with turning the mirror toward yourself and then adjusting your actions, attitudes and behaviours, based on a truthful assessment of what you see.

Ignite the Leader Within will not only change your leadership but transform your life. If you aren’t convinced, you can cancel your commitment at any time.

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