For Mental Toughness

For Mental Toughness

1) Mental Toughness – How Champions are Built

This course is designed for athletes from all sports, all ages, from novice to expert.  Parent involvement is not required but certainly encouraged, especially for younger athletes.

  • Three tutorials full of rich, deep content delivered electronically
  • Detailed coaching conversation after each tutorial at a date and time determined by you
    • Conversations that will pull and push you from good to great
  • Text and email support

Learn more about Mental Toughness for Athletes

Sport, just like life, is tough. It is full of problems, frustrations and disappointments. But sport also offers a wonderful opportunity to build resilience and learn to deal with difficulties and come out tougher, better, and smarter than you were before. When you understand that problems are part of sport, you learn not to fear them but solve them. You learn to step up and tackle those problems rather than avoid them or become discouraged. You learn that you are much stronger than you think, especially when you are equipped with an effective Mental Toughness toolkit.

The goal is to successfully deal with the difficulties that sport and life present and learn to embrace risk and discomfort because you have the tools to handle both. You can learn to rise above frustration and disappointment and see that mistakes and setbacks are temporary – simply a problem to be solved. When you understand that mistakes are part of sport and all problems have a solution, you learn to become the super-hero in your own life, step up and save yourself. When you are prepared to save yourself, it does not guarantee a gold medal, but it does build self-esteem, character, grit and resilience. I am convinced these are gold medal attributes on the Podium of Life.

Do You Want to Rise Above the Crowd?

Top performers have these attributes:

  • understand nerves, anxiety and fear
  • manage the pressure of winning
  • handle the fear of losing
  • display grit and resilience
  • solve problems
  • demonstrate courage
  • face adversity
  • tolerate discomfort
  • bounce back from mistakes

Physical talent can only take you so far. To gain that winning edge, that extra degree, and to ultimately Be Your Best, mental toughness is the key. Contact me and let’s get started.

2) Mental Toughness for Parents and Coaches

Parents, are you frustrated by your child’s inability to handle setbacks and disappointment? Do you wish they were tougher and more resilient? Do you want them to step up in sport and in life? Are you looking for ideas to help them reach their potential? Coaches, are you looking for new ideas to inspire and get the best out of your athletes? Do you want them to be mentally tougher and take more risks? Do you want them to be more coachable? It is obvious there is something more to sport than having the right physical skills. Those that get ahead in sport (and life) have Mental Toughness that helps them rise above the crowd.

Learn more about Mental Toughness for Parents and Coaches

This presentation equips you with the tools to deliver Mental Toughness to your kids and athletes:

  • Why confidence is overrated and unreliable
  • Why feedback is different from praise
  • Why mistakes are like fertilizer – they help us grow
  • Teach your kids/athletes to grow rather than hide
  • Teach your kids/athletes to become problem solvers
  • Teach them to face their fears and embrace risks


  • This presentation is for athletes, parents, coaches and grandparents from all sports
  • I will come to your venue at a date and time determined by you

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