Fear   to   FIERCE

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Mental Toughness Coaching for athletes and their parents.

The Biggest Day, The Biggest Stage

You can't hide, you can't fake it.

In just 3 months and your athlete will shift from:

  • Timid to tenacious

  • Forget Everything and Run to Face Everything and Rise 


My experience in elite sport and high performance has shown that parents feel everything their athlete is feeling:

  • Your athlete is hungry for a scholarship

    • Hungry to be selected to elite teams

  • They dream about it and SO DO YOU

  • If your athlete isn't looking for a scholarship or an elite team

    • They want to confidently show up for training and competition as their Best Self


You and your athlete share a fear:

  • What if I don’t get the scholarship? 

    • What if my athlete doesn't get recruited?

  • What if I don't make the team?

    • What if my athlete doesn't get selected?

  • What if I flop, fall flat on my face, and fail?

    • What if my athlete under-performs?​


This fear leads to more; more training, more practicing, more skill sessions, and more workouts.  Anything to overcome the fear of being left behind.


I understand this dilemma.  As an elite athlete, I constantly pursued more.  And no matter how hard I chased my dreams, I could never run away from the fear that follows and finds you.  As an elite coach, I've watched school, college, National, and Olympic athletes, do more than was required; and it still wasn't enough.


It’s allowed me to see that parents and athletes aren’t just looking for help.  They are looking for the RIGHT help to solve the RIGHT problem.  They want to CRACK THE CODE.


That’s why I created Fear to FIERCE.  It’s a proven method that helps serious athletes and their parents, gain a competitive advantage, without more physical training or skill development. 


You and your athlete will build a Mental Toughness toolkit to gain a competitive advantage:

  1. Increase confidence and courage

    • Take risks and get uncomfortable

  2. Build self-awareness and emotional intelligence

    • Manage thoughts, feelings, and emotions

  3. Improve grit and resilience

    • Bounce back quickly from mistakes and failures


In just 3 months, your athlete will shift from uncertain to certain, from pretender to contender, from Fear to FIERCE, and confidently show up their Best Self and grab that scholarship, or make that elite team, they so intensely desire.  And if your athlete is still learning and growing, I will help them build a toolkit to shift from timid to tenacious.

BUT.  And this is a big BUT.  This program isn't for the masses.  It's for athletes who are willing to work at their Mental Toughness in the same way they work at their physical skills.  It’s for those that understand that wanting a scholarship isn't enough, dreaming about that elite team isn't enough, hoping not to fail at your next competition isn't enough.

At the elite level, EVERYONE is talented, EVERYBODY wants it, EVERYBODY dreams about it, EVERYBODY hopes for it.  BUT: 

  • Talent alone isn't special

  • Wanting it isn't special

  • Dreaming about it isn't special

  • Hoping for it isn't special

Remember these 3 words:


  • BE willing to DO what it takes to HAVE what you want  


Mental Toughness is a skill; you can build and improve it, but not with a magic wand.  Your athlete must be willing to train their brain in the same way they work at training their technical and physical skills. 

DECISIONS DECIDE DESTINY.  You and your athlete must decide if you are ready to Win From Within. 


Click How does the program work? to see if you and your athlete have what it takes to shift from good to great, from hopeless to hopeful, and enroll in Fear to FIERCE.

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