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Fear   to   FIERCE

jungle tiger

Mental Toughness Coaching
for athletes and their parents.
4 weeks is all it takes.

I help athletes make sense of
what's going on in their head,
cut through the noise,
and unleash their inner tiger.

I increase their emotional intelligence
which allows them to compete with
courage and confidence
while pursuing their
goals and dreams.
And because it takes a village,
I also work with their parents. 

Upcoming Sessions

February 1, 2022

(registration closes Feb. 4)
March 1, 2022
April 1, 2022

What, Why, Now What?  

  • Your athlete is stuck in WHAT (the problem)

  • I will help them shift to WHY​​​

    • We don't change behaviour by addressing the behaviour​

    • We must go underneath and identify WHY

  • Your athlete will see WHY they are underperforming, WHY they are playing it safe

  • ​They will understand WHY their thoughts, feelings, emotions are holding them hostage
  • Then I help them shift to NOW WHAT
  • Now I help them build a toolkit full of emotional intelligence to free themselves from jail
  • Results will happen immediately

    • I'm not kidding but don't take my word for it TESTIMONALS

How Does It Work?

  • 1 month of Mental Fitness Training

    • Grow your courage and confidence​

  • 4 group Zoom calls

    • A weekly deep dive into Mental Toughness

  • Unlimited coaching between calls in the group chat

    • ​There's a group for Athletes and another for Parents

  • 1 private, introductory Zoom call

    • Help me understand your goals and dreams

  • Access to online tutorial Mental Toughness - How Champions are Built

    • ​Build your Mental Fitness Toolkit

What Is My Investment?​

  • 4 weekly payments of $300 CAD

    • Includes ALL athletes and parents in your immediate family

    • Changing your athletes life (and yours) FOREVER is priceless


I’m not a mindset coach, I'm not a sport psychologist.  


I don’t teach visualization or goal setting, although I’m a fan of both.  

I help athletes figure out what's going on in their head, and why it's causing nerves, self-doubt and lack of confidence.


To understand this dilemma, we must first do heart work.  

Why heart work?  Because that’s where the
truth is; the truth will set you free.

And the truth is, Mental Toughness is NOT about getting rid of our negative feelings.


When something matters to us, when it’s important, it’s normal to have these feelings. 

Mental Toughness is about managing ALL the thoughts, feelings and emotions that sport brings.   


I help athletes build a toolkit to manage what's going on in their head and their heart.


Once they have a toolkit, they are ready to face the storms that inevitably arise in the pursuit of goals and dreams. 


And yours too.

It takes courageous action.

Fear to FIERCE, video intro (11 min)