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Awesome Mental Toughness Camp

July 7 @ 12:15 pm - July 9 @ 7:15 pm






AWESOME MENTAL TOUGHNESS CAMP – Click here to register!

Are you looking for something your entire family can do together?  How about come and join Shawnee and work on your Mental Toughness Skills?  You will also build some emotional intelligence and self-awareness along the way.  Gotta love it!  Talent and ability eventually level out in both sport and life.  However, Mental Toughness is the one area that EVERYONE can improve.  It’s not only a sport skill, it’s a life skill.

Awesome Mental Toughness Camp is for athletes, parents and coaches from ALL sports and ALL ages.

Athletes: You want to successfully deal with the difficulties that sport and life present. You want to learn to embrace risk and discomfort and leverage the tools to handle both. Mistakes and setbacks are temporary; simply a problem to be solved. When you understand that all problems have a solution, you learn to become the super-hero in your own life, step up and save yourself. It does not guarantee a gold medal, but it does build self-esteem, character, grit and resilience. I am convinced these are gold medal attributes on the Podium of Life.

Parents: Are you frustrated by your child’s inability to handle setbacks and disappointment? Do you wish they were tougher and more resilient? Do you want them to step up in sport and in life? Are you looking for ideas to help them reach their potential? Do you want them to be mentally tougher and take more risks? It is obvious there is something more to sport than having the right physical skills. Those that get ahead in sport (and life) have Mental Toughness that separates them from the crowd.

Coaches: Mental Toughness is one of the 4 Pillars of High Performance and often the least utilized. Most coaches focus on the Technical/Tactical pillar during games and practices, the Physical Pillar during dry land training, and the Social/Emotional Pillar with team building activities. We know the longer an athlete competes, physical skill and athletic ability soon level out. Forward thinking coaches will tap into the one area that can be elevated and enhanced in ALL athletes, regardless of physical or athletic ability; Mental Toughness. It’s not only a sport skill; it’s a life skill.

This virtual Mental Toughness Camp is for athletes, parents and coaches from all sports, all ages, from novice to expert.  Parent involvement is encouraged, especially for younger athletes. There are three tutorials, full of rich, deep content:

  • Grow in the Jungle; be courageous
  • Name It to Tame It; figure out your feelings
  • Jump Out of the Dryer; solve your problems

One tutorial is delivered each day via Zoom.  Participants join a Zoom call at the designated time where Shawnee takes them through each tutorial, participants apply the learnings, and we use Q and A and discussion to connect the dots and fill the gaps.

Awesome Mental Toughness Camp is July 7, 8 and 9.  Participants will attend one lesson each day. Each lesson is 75 minutes and participants sign up for the afternoon session at 12:15 MST OR the evening session at 7:15 MST.

The cost is $275 + GST = $288.75 and that fee includes:

  • The entire, immediate family
  • 3 Mental Toughness tutorials
  • Live Zoom session for each tutorial
  • Hard copy of all the material

Fill in the form below to register.

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1. I am aware that by attending this event and registering the participants for this camp, I will be exposing my child to the following inherent risks, including but not limited to:


- The meeting will be live and interactive. Please make sure participants are in a quiet place where a parent/guardian can monitor the session. Please remember that everything within the camera viewing area will be visible to the teacher and other students. Be aware that there may be online media that contain references, ads, or links to materials from third parties.
- Sounds & Voices can be captured by your device's microphone and heard by others in the Zoom session. Hosts will mute participants for portions of the session but may unmute participants during discussion or to hear questions.

- During live sessions, participants may hear and see anything within the audio and camera viewing areas. Please make all household members aware of this. Hanging "Live Video Session" signs around the area or turning the monitor/device camera towards a wall can help with controlling the area.
- These sessions will be recorded;

2. I hereby consent to photographing, recording, reproduction of any other manner (including use of video and audiotapes) of the likeness, voice and/or actives of the participant(s) and further authorize Dynamic Coaching Solutions Inc. to make unlimited use of company promotions, including by not limited to broadcasting of reproductions over the radio, television and on the Internet (including social networking). I understand that I will not receive any monetary compensation now or in the future for participating. I do hereby release and hold harmless Dynamic Coaching Solutions Inc., it’s employees, instructors and volunteers from any claims.

3. I give permission for all immediate family members to use the Zoom video conferencing services. I understand that the live session will be recorded and may contain audio & video interactions that include the participants.

4. By signing this document, I waive certain legal rights including the right to sue or claim compensation for any reason.

You can cancel your registration at any time without penalty.  The EXCEPTION is if you have already received the course material.



July 7 @ 12:15 pm
July 9 @ 7:15 pm


Shawnee Harle