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Tame Your Feelings



What Will I Learn?

IT'S TIME TO ADD TOOLS TO YOUR MENTAL TOUGHNESS TOOLKIT! This 18 minute video is in bite size pieces so you can stop and re-start whenever it suits you. Sport is full of storms and most of them are emotional, not physical. It's time to manage the storm. Athletes, do you want to: - Figure out how to handle negative feelings? - Understand why your feelings hold you back? - Learn what to do with how you feel? If your answer is “YES!”, then start Taming Your Feelings! They are called feelings because we are supposed to feel them. What a concept! Sport teaches us to avoid our feelings and emotions. Actually that's not accurate. Sport allows us to like happy feelings but avoid crappy ones. HAPPY and CRAPPY. Sport will always serve both so why not build a toolkit to manage CRAPPY? When you Tame Your Feelings, the storm becomes manageable. Your Greatest Self is waiting for you. Let's go! PS: Your purchase gives you life-time access to this video. Bam!

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