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PARENT/COACH: Mental Toughness Toolkit



What Will I Learn?

MY MOST COMPRENSIVE AND DETAILED VIDEO SERIES FOR PARENTS AND COACHES. Three awesome workshops to fill up your Mental Toughness toolkit! Each workshop is 15 minutes and the format is audio/video with an eBook to summarize and apply the concepts. It's everything you need for your Greatest Self to start showing up. Bam! These workshops are built through the eyes of the athlete and it takes you through their journey. The goal is to help you see what's going on in their head and heart, and the impact your words and actions have on their performance. Outcomes: 1) Understand what's holding your athlete back from showing up as their Greatest Self 2) Identify the impact of your words and actions on their performance 3) Help your athlete increase confidence and courage How AWESOME would it feel to: - Improve the communication with your kids/athletes? - Change the conversations in the car ride home? - Converse rather than argue? - Your words actually impacting their performance? Your role is crucial to guiding them toward courage. You can help them figure out what's going on in their head, cut through the noise, and release their inner tiger. The podium awaits. And the most important podium is the Podium of Life. This course is a journey, an inner exploration that will change your life forever. *Your purchase gives you life-time access. Bam!

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