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Pounce in the Jungle



What Will I Learn?

IT'S TIME TO ADD TOOLS TO YOUR MENTAL TOUGHNESS TOOLKIT! This 21 minute video is in bite size pieces so you can stop and re-start whenever it suits you. Athletes, do you want to: - Rise above the crowd? - Have more confidence to take risks? - Bravely step up when the game is on the line? - Be more creative and crafty when you compete? - Show up with courage when it matters most? If your answer is “YES!”, then get out of the Zoo! The Zoo is safe and cozy, but it inhibits creativity, risk taking and growth. If that’s true, why are so many athletes in the Zoo? How did they get in there? Why do they stay? It’s time to jump into the Jungle. The Jungle is unsafe and unpredictable, yet it is the only place you can become the best version of yourself. If that’s true, why are so few athletes in there? And once they are in, why don’t they stay? You will understand why your scared self lives in the Zoo and why your brave self lives in the Jungle. It will show you that fear and courage can co-exist. It will ask you important questions to help you get into the Jungle more often. Your Greatest Self is waiting for you. The magic is in the Jungle. Time to POUNCE! PS: Your purchase gives you life-time access to this video. Bam!

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