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Feedback is Fertilizer (and sometimes it stinks)



What Will I Learn?

IT'S TIME TO ADD TOOLS TO YOUR MENTAL TOUGHNESS TOOLKIT! This 19 minute video is in bite size pieces so you can stop and re-start whenever it suits you. - If feedback is so great, why do so few people like it? - If it’s so important for the growth of your kids/athletes, why aren’t they lined up, asking for more? - If we know it’s crucial for their development, why doesn’t it immediately change their behaviour? - If it’s the breakfast of champions, why don’t coaches seek it? Master the art of feedback. Not only is it easier than you think, it’s also an absolute necessity for you and your kids/athletes to grow. This video will help you: - Examine the current, outdated feedback model. - Uncover why the wrong feedback wilts your kids/athletes. - Learn to deliver feedback that grows your kids/athletes. - Seek feedback so you can grow. Feedback is fertilizer and when done well, it never stinks. PS: Your purchase gives you life-time access to this video. Bam!

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