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What's Inside Comes Out



What Will I Learn?

IT'S TIME TO ADD TOOLS TO YOUR MENTAL TOUGHNESS TOOLKIT! This FREE 4:30 minute video will show you: - What happens when you get squeezed? What happens is this: When you get squeezed, what's inside, comes out. When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out. Not matter how hard you try, you cannot turn it into apple juice. "Come on orange! You got this!!" Even a great pep talk will not help. When we feel nervous, anxious, fearful, doubtful, unconfident, timid, uncertain, and we get squeezed, guess what comes out? Sure as heck, not apple juice Think of being squeezed like the pressure you feel in big moments. And remember, it's not just athletes that feel pressure. Coaches and parents feel it too. When you are full of nerves, fear, or doubt and the pressure builds, guess what comes out??? You guessed it; your scared self. You can access this video anytime, for FREE.

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