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Jump Out of the Dryer - Athletes



What Will I Learn?

IT'S TIME TO ADD TOOLS TO YOUR MENTAL TOUGHNESS TOOLKIT! This 19 minute video is in bite size pieces so you can stop and re-start whenever it suits you. Athletes, do you want to: - Get better at handling problems? - Have less negative self-talk? - Stop whining when things don't go your way? - Figure out what's in your control and what's not? If your answer is “YES!”, then Jump Out of the Dryer! The Dryer is full of your problems and you are in there going around and around. You're focusing on your problems, and you're complaining about all the things that aren't fair. There's a Bounce sheet stuck to your forehead! That's NOT Mental Toughness! Athletes with Mental Toughness figure out how to solve their problems rather than whining about them. They know that every problem has a solution. Your Greatest Self is waiting for you. Time to Jump Out of the Dryer! PS: Your purchase gives you life-time access to this video. Bam!

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