Mental Toughness

As an athlete, you want to grow your Mental Toughness to successfully deal with the difficulties that sport and life present. You want to learn to embrace risk and discomfort and leverage the tools to handle both.  As a coach, you want to help your athletes build the one thing that can be improved in everyone, regardless of skill or athletic ability; Mental Toughness.
For Mental Toughness

1) Mental Toughness – Team Edition
How Champions are Built

Mental Toughness is one of the 4 Pillars of High Performance and often the least utilized. Most coaches focus on the Technical/Tactical pillar during games and practices, the Physical Pillar during dry land training, and the Social/Emotional Pillar with team building activities. We know the longer an athlete competes, physical skill and athletic ability soon level out. Forward thinking coaches will tap into the one area that can be elevated and enhanced in ALL athletes, regardless of physical or athletic ability; Mental Toughness. It’s not only a sport skill; it’s a life skill.

My Team Edition allows the coach to take my content, my experience and expertise and deliver it directly to their athletes. Coaches simply follow the supplied User Manual and apply the Mental Toughness concepts to themselves and their team.

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2) Mental Toughness – Athlete Edition
How Champions are Built

This course is designed for athletes from all sports, all ages, from novice to expert. Parent involvement is not required but certainly encouraged, especially for younger athletes.

Athletes, I am talking to you. Do you want to rise about the crowd? Top performers have these attributes:

  • Understand nerves, anxiety and fear
  • Manage the pressure of winning
  • Handle the fear of losing
  • Display grit and resilience
  • Solve problems
  • Demonstrate courage
  • Face adversity
  • Tolerate discomfort
  • Bounce back from mistakes

Physical talent can only take you so far. To gain that winning edge, that extra degree, and to ultimately Be Your Best, mental toughness is the key.

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3) Mental Toughness – Parent Edition
How Champions are Built

Parents, are you frustrated by your child’s inability to handle setbacks and disappointment? Do you wish they were tougher and more resilient? Do you want them to step up in sport and in life? Are you looking for ideas to help them reach their potential? Do you want them to be mentally tougher and take more risks? Do you want them to be more coachable? It is obvious there is something more to sport than having the right physical skills. Those that get ahead in sport (and life) have Mental Toughness that separates them from the crowd.

The delivery is a live presentation where I teach you how to deliver Mental Toughness to your children:

  • Teach them to grow rather than hide
  • Teach them to become problem solvers
  • Teach them to face their fears and embrace risks
  • Why confidence is overrated and unreliable
  • Why feedback is different from praise
  • Why mistakes are like fertilizer – they help us grow

This presentation is for athletes, parents, coaches and grandparents from all sports. I will come to your venue at a date and time determined by you.

Contact me for a quote: or 250-300-0789.