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*I have recently moved to Vernon, BC and will be running all of my programs in the Okanagan area.  I will continue to run the Holiday Shooting Clinic, Holiday Skill Development Camp and Awesome Hoops Camp in Calgary.

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Shawnee holds a Master’s Degree in Coaching Studies and is the only basketball coach in Canada, male or female, with NCCP Level 5. She is currently the lead Assistant Coach for the Canadian Women’s Olympic Basketball Team and after a 5th place finish at the 2014 World Championships and a Gold Medal finish at the 2015 Pan Am Games and FIBA Americas, the team represented Canada at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro where they finished 6th.  This past summer in Argentina they repeated as FIBA Americas Champions which elevated their world ranking to #5.
For Personal Coaching

With a wealth of international coaching experience, Shawnee rejoined the National Team staff in 2011 after serving as an Assistant Coach at the 1994 World Championships in Australia, the 1994 Goodwill Games in Russia and the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. She also served as an international scout for Canada Basketball, traveling to Peru and the Dominican Republic to scout South American teams for the World Qualification Tournament. In 2011 she was an Assistant Coach with the Canadian World University Games Team that competed at the FISU Games in China and in 2012 she was named the Assistant Coach for the National Development Team that played and trained in Montenegro and Belgium.Shawnee was the Head Coach at the University of Calgary for 18 years. She joined UC after coaching at Brandon University for two seasons. Prior to that, she served as an Assistant Coach for the University of Victoria for three seasons as a full time student at the National Coaching Institute. She also spent three years with Basketball Alberta as the Director of Coaching Development and the Technical Director.

1) Shawnee’s Coaching Clinics – For Basketball

Are there basketball coaches in your area, at your school or in your community that want professional development? Do your coaches need more tools in their coaching tool kit and some new ideas for their team? How about some new drills for practices and some “tricks of the trade” to use in games? Do your coaches need PD points to keep their NCCP certification current? I offer evening, weekend, half day and full day coaching clinics with topics tailored specifically to the needs of your coaches.

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I offer topics for both beginner, intermediate and advanced coaches:
– shooting
– offense
– defense
– rebounding
– decision making
– transition
– screen and roll
– pressing and trapping
– any other topics your coaches need

2) Shawnee’s Coaching Clinics – For Professional Development Days at Your School

Are your PE teachers and coaches in need of professional development? Are you looking for something that will make a difference for your athletes and PE students?

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I will come to your School District PD Day and offer a session that will blow your socks off! I can tailor my message to elementary, middle school, junior high and high school PE teachers and coaches.

3) Shawnee’s Coaching Clinics – For Team Sports

Great coaches understand both the art and science of coaching. The science is easier, the art is harder. Let me help you discover the difference and sharpen your skills in both. I offer coaching clinics to help coaches at all levels, from all team sports, improve their art. This is an interactive, two hour classroom session customized for your team or your organization, guaranteed to take your coaching to another level. For coaches who are already NCCP certified, you will earn PD points to keep your NCCP certification current.

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Shawnee’s Coaching Clinic for Team Sports is customized for your team/organization and possible topics include:
– how to make your drills transfer to games
– how to use Phase A, B, C and D drills effectively
– how to improve the quality of your practices
– how to keep your players engaged in practices
– how to manage parents
– how to manage players
– how to manage games
– how to measure success
– how to measure whether your players are improving
– how to effectively use assistant coaches and volunteer parents
– any other topics your coaches need

4) Shawnee’s Coach School – For Basketball

Coach School runs once a week for four weeks in the fall. Coaches can pick from a menu of topics to suit their needs and sessions are built for both Intermediate and Advanced coaches. Each session tackles only 1-2 topics so we can go into detail to increase not only your understanding, but also your ability to immediately apply it with your team. All sessions include handouts and for coaches who are already NCCP Certified, each session gets you two PD points to help keep your NCCP certification current.

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a) Shawnee’s Coach School: INTERMEDIATE

These sessions are for coaches working with junior high, U13, U12 and any other players who have some experience with the game but are at the beginner to intermediate level. There is no prior coaching certification required to attend.

Shooting is the skill that players work on the most and therefore, it’s important they are working on the right things. Otherwise, they simply develop bad habits that become difficult to break.

It seems like there is never enough practice time. Therefore, every minute you get must be utilized effectively. On top of that, games often feel hectic, with multiple things going on at the same time but great coaches know how to “manage the madness”.

Mistakes are often caused by one of two things: Lack of skill or the wrong decision. Most of our practice time is spent improving skills but little time is spent teaching our players to “think the game”.

Offense sells tickets, defense wins games, rebounds win championships. Great defense and rebounding can make up for many of the offensive skills your team may be lacking.

Once your team has secured the defensive rebound, how do they get to the other end of the floor? Teams that have mastered transition offense, score more points because they get layups before the defense has gotten themselves organized.

b) Shawnee’s Coach School: ADVANCED

These sessions are for coaches working with high school, U17, U15 and any other players who have been playing the game for a few years and are ready to “ramp up” their level of play. There is no prior coaching certification required to attend.

Shooting is the most important 1 on 1 skill and this session covers advanced shooting skills for players who are ready to take their shooting to another level.

Great coaches know how to “out think” the opposing coach. Great coaches know the tricks of the trade.

Mistakes are often caused by one of two things: Lack of skill or the wrong decision. Most of our practice time is spent improving skills but little time is spent teaching our players to “think the game”.

Great defense beats great offense! There are so many ways that defense can “mess up” the offense and take them out of rhythm, frustrate them, force turnovers, and force bad shots.

One of the most dangerous offensive weapons is the use of ball screens. They are hard to guard and create problems for the defense. Conversely, when defended well, this weapon becomes nullified.

5) Shawnee’s Apprentice Program – For Female Basketball Coaches

Calling all female basketball coaches! Do you want to grow your coaching skills? Do you want to tap into the power of mentorship? Do you want to be inspired and empowered? Do you want professional development unlike any other? I offer hands-on training and mentorship at my Fall Academy and coaches will be on court with me, twice a week, working with junior high and/or high school players. I will guide you through my player development curriculum and mentor you in the art of coaching. How awesome is that??!!

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Program Requirements
Shawnee’s Apprentice Program for Female Basketball Coaches runs in the fall in conjunction with Shawnee’s Fall Academy. It is a four week program that is FREE and open to all female basketball coaches, regardless of experience, knowledge or certification. All you need to bring is your commitment, passion and enthusiasm!

Coaches will be involved in ONE of these three options:
1) Junior High Sessions
2) High School Sessions
3) Both sessions
4) Combination of Junior High and High School sessions

Coaches in the Apprentice Program are encouraged to become NCCP Learn to Train Certified within twelve months of completing the program. Coaches who already have Learn to Train are encouraged to become Train to Train Certified within the same time period.

New Applicants:
If you are new the program, please submit a one page application that includes:
– Your name, contact information and which session(s) you want to be involved with
– Your current NCCP qualifications (it’s ok if you don’t have any)
– What school, club or community team you are coaching or would like to coach
– List two reasons why you are applying and include thoughts around:
a) What do you hope to get from the program
b) How will this program help develop and grow you as a coach
c) What gaps are there in your current abilities and how do you see this program filling those gaps
– Describe two of your greatest assets and why these assets would make you a valuable member of Shawnee’s Apprentice Program

Returning Applicants:
If you were part of the Apprentice Program last year, all you need to do is send me an email and let me know you want to be involved again and with what age group(s):
Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details or to chat in person.

Contact me today and let’s get started!